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    view author's info ( 47, Woman | Erin, ON, CAN )

    I was strategic to incorporate exercise into my work teaching somatic based classes. I do yoga, hike, walk and I am also active with my kids. The last two years I have been in active physical rehab working on healing my body in various ways...

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    view author's info ( 48, Man | Lexington Park, MD, USA )

    This is how I attempt to my body in shape: Nature hiking, kayaking, horseback riding, yoga, eating using keto method. While having fun doing it, hopefully someone out there enjoys doing one or some if these activities in the future.

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    view author's info ( 46, Woman | San Diego, CA, USA )

    I exercise almost 7 days a week.. almost 2-3 times a day. Exercising is my lifestyle. I eat very healthy. Im always happy with positive vibes except of course when theres a problems from time to time.

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    view author's info ( 40, Woman | Mexico )

    My diet is essential trying to be balanced according to the nutritional pyramid, the reality is that I make a lot of effort to have that discipline to keep myself in shape and at the same time healthy, I also exercise 2 or 3 times a week, especially dancing. Healthy body, balanced spirit.

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    view author's info ( 63, Woman | Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA )

    I stretch, do pilates, play pickleball, do planks, eat healthy and laugh a lot. My good shape is a result of years of a healthy lifestyle as my mother was into nutrition and prevention when I was in high school. I also have a set of golf clubs that I know how to use, but I am a tad rusty!

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    view author's info ( 54, Man | Saint Petersburg, FL, USA )

    5 to 6 days of strength training and cardio. Also walk the beach a few miles a day and on the weekends to my favorite tiki bar Athlete in college and try my best to fight Father Time but had a few surgeries in the last few years which is slowing me down a bit. Just a bit though.

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    view author's info ( 47, Woman | Asker, Akershus, Norway )

    I don't go to the gym. Never have time and don't enjoy it. But I love sports and am quite athletic. Any ball game will do. Anything that is a game really. Skiing or tennis, or just kicking a ball around on the beach or in the garden. And I do a bit of yoga when the mood is right.

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    view author's info ( 34, Man | Provincia di Trento, Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy )

    I do long walks Sometimes I just like to walk doesn't matter at day or night and I love cycling it keeps me in shape as well At home also I like to make some push-ups and practice some until I start sweating

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    view author's info ( 36, Woman | Cypress, TX, USA )

    I lift free weights and I ride my peloton bike, at least 3 to 4 days a week. I have multiple walk trails in my neighborhood, so I adventure on those during the weekend. The most important thing to maintaining my shape, is my nutritional intake.

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    view author's info ( 21, Woman | Salisbury, MD, USA )

    I work out a lot . I try to workout aleast 3 times a week I drink a lot of water and lucky we have a gym in me apartment building to it's easy access I love taking care of my body your body is your temple

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    view author's info ( 27, Woman | North Miami Beach, FL, USA )

    I recently started running in the mornings. I like to do at least two miles, but my goal is five miles, non stop. I enjoy Pilates, hot yoga and weight training as well. I think it's important to move your body daily, even if it's just walking for thirty minutes.

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    view author's info ( 61, Woman | Tucson, AZ, USA )

    I like my low carb, clean and simple diet. Rarely eat anything I have not prepared myself. I think people just need to find that balance of caloric need and nutritional necessity. My job keeps me fit to some degree but I add to that.... ballet, dance, stretch.....repeat.

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    view author's info ( 55, Man | Brentwood, TN, USA )

    Eat and drink well, sleep well and exercise daily. The basics you learn as a kid, isn't that funny... :-). .

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    view author's info ( 28, Woman | Winnipeg, MB, CAN )

    Lots of walking and water friends.. h20 is everything ! Also cardio and blessed with a beautiful *ss. Lol we could work out with each other or on each other. How do you keep your bodies in shape babes ?

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    view author's info ( 66, Man | Richmond Hill, ON, CAN )

    I have exercised since I was age 14. Currently I am an avid swimmer, yogi, racquet sports enthusiast and workout in my gym every morning. My heart is that of an athlete according to my doctor. I eat well and practice a healthy lifestyle.