How To Succeed In Business Or Career

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    view author's info ( 68, Woman | Carbondale, CO, USA )

    I have always been in real estate, constructing, selling and renting homes in Aspen Roaring Fork valley, as well an appraiser for 18 years. In college, LSU, before the days of GPS I was a cartographer. By Gods grace & love I have been given the best family & friends in the world who helped me successfully through this life. I am only missing someone wonderful to share my life and my love.

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    view author's info ( 69, Woman | Phoenix, AZ, USA )

    Learning to be a mind reader! Actually I have been gifted with a very strong 6th sense regarding people. After a brief period of time I am able to read their design preferences by being very observant. People send off signals intentional or not! I have a degree in Early Childhood education. I do love children but I had a much stronger pull into the creative world and that degree has helped me a great deal in my business dealings with the vast array of personalities I have encountered in my work. I don't consider this "work" which has made 39 years seem like 10! But having said all of this it is my children who will always be my greatest legacy!

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    view author's info ( 54, Man | Carterton, England - Oxfordshire, GBR )

    Taking calculated risks, determination, stress resistance, striving to improve and provide the best a talent can achieve, honesty, being prepared to fail, but not accepting failure. Persistence, flexibility, leading by example and from the front .. taking responsibility.

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    view author's info ( 51, Woman | Austin, TX, USA )

    When you always thinking of others before yourself the person(s) feel special and important. Go the extra mile and you will always stand out in a crowd. In essence, let the beauty of your soul resonate.

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    view author's info ( 47, Woman | Orlando, FL, USA )

    Honesty, Integrity and Consideration have been key to my success. I've never known a stranger and I've never betrayed anyone, especially not in business. I am well known and respected within my industry which certainly helps with career advances.

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    view author's info ( 35, Man | Cedar Park, TX, USA )

    I started my first business at 20, right out of college. I made a lot of mistakes but in ever gave up. When you're young, I believe everyone must have the courage to take risk and fail so they can experience what it feel like to be at rock bottom. From there, it only get better.

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    view author's info ( 72, Man | Rockwall, TX, USA )


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    view author's info ( 30, Woman | Berlin, Berlin, Germany )

    I find discipline an important key to success and communicative skills are not to be underestimate. Time should be a constructive investment. I use to focus on personal growth and I am always curious to learn new things, especially I enjoy learning new languages.

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    view author's info ( 40, Woman | New Port Richey, FL, USA )

    Well, when my children were little I was a stay at home mother. I was able to be there when they were born till the age of two. When my divorce occurred, I decided to tackle nursing school, which wasnt easy on any of us to say the least. I ended up graduating with my LPN. I have to say that it wasnt good enough for me. I wanted to be more. So, I went on to receive my RN. I graduated the top of my class and have been working for the last 8/9 years. I started my career in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) and now Im currently working for a rehab facility. The other end of the spectrum! However, its a good job, it pays well, and Im able to support my family on my salary. If I had the time I would definitely go back to school and further my education. I would like to receive my MSN (Master degree in Nursing) to become a Midwife. Im very motivated in education, therefore, its very attractive to meet a man with similar ambitions if he hasnt already.

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    view author's info ( 53, Woman | Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia )

    My husband and I made a great team, he was the ideas man and I went out and made it happen, working my arse off, with my marketing and networking skills, we had several very successful businesses over 26 years.

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    view author's info ( 50, Woman | Mount Juliet, TN, USA )

    Im in sales so one of the most important things Ive learned is building a rapport and connecting with people. I enjoy interacting with positive people and making someone smile. Keeping a positive attitude, smiling, and listening to others carefully is something I practice regularly. Its important to me that the person Im having a conversation with feels heard and knows that Im engaged. I love people. I love what I do and time flies.

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    view author's info ( 66, Man | Boca Raton, FL, USA )

    Possibly the largest home based businesses in the world with no employees. Industry Pioneer and Leader Recognized as the owner of one of the world's most valuable portfolios Semi-retired for 22 years Retired for 6 years Would have won the award for least likely to succeed! :-))))

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    view author's info ( 60, Woman | Annapolis, MD, USA )

    I've had two long term careers one in a family business & one as an executive. Left that all behind to start over & do something more soulful and inspiring; I'm getting a life coaching business up and running.

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    view author's info ( 61, Man | Sharon, MASSACHUSETTS, USA )

    Through lots of hard work and perseverance. Owning a business is not for everyone and it takes a lot of inner strength to get through the difficult times but the satisfaction and reward is worth it. No one hands you anything and I am my own economy.

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    view author's info ( 46, Man | Dallas, TX, USA )

    I have worked hard with a strong vision and commitment to both business and personal goals. The key is valuing and serving other people with quality and a genuine desire to improve their lives, providing solutions to their needs, and being consistent over time.