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    Michael Jaconi

    Button is a platform that helps publishers to generate revenue. CEO and Co-Founder, Michael Jaconi, recently announced that the company closed Series B funding round with $20 million. To date, the company has raised almost $35 million and it’s only been three years. Jaconi’s track record has success written all over it. As an executive officer of Rakuten Loyalty, Jaconi was responsible for a $100 million investment in Pinterest.

    MillionaireMatch got the scoop on Button’s rapid growth to the top. Button makes it easier for consumers to buy what they want through mobile. Jaconi brought his expertise from working at FreeCause which was acquired by Rakuten Loyalty in 2011. Jaconi fully believes in the platform he has created, and knows how important it is in a mobile society. “Mobile really demands better experiences, and we think it’s a trend that will continue. If you think about some of the challenges that mobile have, the traditional advertising model isn’t showing the amount of efficacy that needs to show. A lot of consumers are really aren’t excited about the ads,” Jaconi said. He knows this by the research he has done on consumer ad blocking. “There’s a discovery challenge there. Inherently, we are trying to build a new framework for discovery,” Jaconi explained. Jaconi believes many businesses aren’t capturing and keeping as many consumers as they would like.

    Button has a large list of well-known brands they work with including iTunes, Glamsquad, Groupon, Ticketmaster, Airbnb, and Uber to name a few. “We try to make the app world more connected. We have the ability with the button to transfer context from one app to another,” Jaconi explained about how Button helps businesses. “What’s interesting about the app world is that they aren’t winning in total number of sessions or total number of uniques. What is interesting is that it’s winning the battle for time. It’s also winning the battle for dollars,” he said. “Mobile apps are growing at 70% year after year,” Jaconi added.

    “If we look at the size of the market, mobile is bigger than anything that’s come before it. What we are trying to do is a solution that gives publishers and developers an alternative way to monetize their experiences,” Jaconi shared. Button has the perfect team to do this including former executives from Google Wallet and Venmo.

    Jaconi had some last bit of advice for app developers and publishers. “With mobile, the consumer and user experience you invest in must be the top of the priority list always. The truth is you will reap rewards and dividends of your consumer liking your experiences more if you be thoughtful of those experiences,” he offered. “When you think about mobile, can you think about experiences for the user first? If that is what you win with, the monetization will be the fun part. As users form habits around those experiences, the monetization will come,” he said.

    We are looking forward to seeing more from Button and Jaconi. To learn more about Button and Jaconi, visit www.usebutton.com.

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