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armor jolene1969 Recommended 14 04/17
Something jolene1969 Recommended 6 04/17
We are like Dying Stars jolene1969 Recommended 3 04/17
Personal Power jolene1969 Recommended 6 04/17
Wasting Time jolene1969 Recommended 12 04/17
FAITH jolene1969 Recommended 25 04/16
Just Jolene jolene1969 Recommended 20 04/16
Just Jolene jolene1969 Recommended 13 04/16
Lettter to Alan 3345roc 63 04/15
Blood Moon is tonight!! 4-14-2014 Jenkneee 96 04/14
Can a child's name have an impact on their ... MissMonteCarlo 59 04/14
Oscar Pistorius Guilty or Not Guilty? MissMonteCarlo 59 04/14
Missing Plane MH370 MissMonteCarlo 60 04/14
Climb Every Mountain JulySummer 20 04/14
EXPRESSIONS! DoveSei Recommended 71 04/12
Jacki seeks right man ! jaki34 108 04/10
30s MissMonteCarlo 94 04/09
Photos Timeoutfromlife 130 04/09
Brigadoon leonicvirgo 87 04/08
Whose Afraid of rejection Andrea2112 Recommended 125 04/08
What do you see? 3345roc 101 04/07
Blonde Man Jokes 3345roc 45 04/07
Abbott and Costello 3345roc 31 04/07
Too much to say Andrea2112 Recommended 214 04/01
Hello out there! Littlelove20 123 03/31
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 Too much to say
 Whose Afraid of rejection
 We are like Dying Stars
 Personal Power
 Wasting Time