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Ladies.. is he really too old for you? smax117 Recommended 6 11/28
Commander in chief born1top 3 11/27
Hope DONTFITMOLD Recommended 21 11/27
Oh Good Lord...Here comes the Holidays greenkindeyes 66 11/25
HOW TO FIX IMMIGRATION Dekan09 117 11/24
testabc fourqa 58 11/24
Yes you will meet a man. born1top 98 11/22
will i meet anyone on this site? :) Fairyofyourdream 239 11/20
Men like to marry. born1top 132 11/18
what kind of women do men want to marry? Fairyofyourdream 254 11/17
ED 3345roc 214 11/14
Mr Right born1top 143 11/13
Do Men desire intelligent Women? greenkindeyes 357 11/13
Famous quotes. born1top 65 11/12
We're here. born1top 108 11/12
LoveToDance Niklash 127 11/11
November.. fall and ending romance.. smax117 Recommended 143 11/09
Trip to UKRAINE and Everything is relative ... VisitVeronika Recommended 159 11/09
Some day my prince will come? No way, dude! ... microblonde Recommended 190 11/08
please help haha xxx nicitaylor84 137 11/06
What's going on with everyone else on here ... Windy_Mcclendon 203 11/04
For the Dr.no more frogs. born1top 154 11/03
Important Message!!! Diana3316 226 11/03
So is anyone excited about the Election? Dekan09 407 11/02
What's Up...? CoolJewel 84 11/02
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Ladies.. is he really too old for you ...
Commander in chief
Men like to marry.
Do Men desire intelligent Women?
will i meet anyone on this site? :)