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Just One More. TimeToWakeUp Recommended 32 09/29
Garden of Certainty TimeToWakeUp Recommended 17 09/29
Music!!!! Windy_Mcclendon 47 09/28
Favorite Old TV shows! Filmgirl26 Recommended 59 09/26
Digital Dating Dilemmas microblonde Recommended 153 09/24
Apple's iWatch And The Technology Of Cyber ... mmsharearticle Recommended 69 09/21
Isn't This How You Should Be? Dekan09 163 09/21
How's life? tivo_fiend 124 09/20
Really born1top 114 09/20
wild@heart seeking_my_king 122 09/20
HARD to be Accountable emmanuelst 75 09/20
"The Five Love Languages" by Dr. Gary Chapma ... SkipperAerie 139 09/18
My personal observation 42Ivory Recommended 269 09/17
I think that I .... 3345roc 153 09/17
Real Oversexed Women...lol greenkindeyes 412 09/16
Are you one of Those women for Sale? greenkindeyes 328 09/15
Help cute Cookie take a shower! Sunshine2772 134 09/14
The Players Are Here!! MzKitty0467 Recommended 281 09/14
Oktoberfest Munich starts in 6 Days ArtfullDuke Recommended 93 09/14
NYC HELP!! MissMonteCarlo 164 09/12
Keep a happy mood Sunshine2772 118 09/12
What inspire you ArtfullDuke Recommended 123 09/12
If you want revenge on your kids... greenkindeyes 104 09/11
The one thing I want... greenkindeyes 149 09/11
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 Keep a happy mood
 Dang Government!
 Just One More.
 Garden of Certainty
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