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My personal observation 42Ivory Recommended 52 09/17
I think that I .... 3345roc 54 09/17
Real Oversexed Women...lol greenkindeyes 154 09/16
Are you one of Those women for Sale? greenkindeyes 180 09/15
Help cute Cookie take a shower! Sunshine2772 94 09/14
The Players Are Here!! MzKitty0467 Recommended 157 09/14
Oktoberfest Munich starts in 6 Days ArtfullDuke Recommended 70 09/14
NYC HELP!! MissMonteCarlo 116 09/12
Keep a happy mood Sunshine2772 96 09/12
What inspire you ArtfullDuke Recommended 92 09/12
If you want revenge on your kids... greenkindeyes 89 09/11
The one thing I want... greenkindeyes 103 09/11
so true ArtfullDuke Recommended 122 09/10
Pay attention at what you say me... Mischa20142000 114 09/10
The Rags To Riches Story Of Britain's Thriftiest ... mmsharearticle Recommended 68 09/10
Advice from a millionaire teaching kids about ... mmsharearticle Recommended 57 09/09
huah! Recon242000 63 09/09
Why relationships are so hard...a man's point ... RenaissanceBM Recommended 29 09/09
What specifically caused the Great Recession ... RenaissanceBM Recommended 11 09/09
black is not beautiful 90210dallas 357 09/07
Say what? born1top 105 09/07
Scottish Independence bostonarea 144 09/07
Colour Me RAD MissMonteCarlo 56 09/07
this is a test jjhintn 96 09/05
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 so true
 Real Oversexed Women...lol
 Oktoberfest Munich starts in 6 Days
 Are you one of Those women for Sale?
 I think that I ....
 My personal observation
 Oversexed Women
 The Players Are Here!!