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  • Somaya Reece On Being Fit, Fabulous and In Love Posted 23-AUG-16 | Admin

    Somaya Reece

    Somaya Reece’s beautiful face first reached our television screens when she joined the cast of Love and Hip Hop New York. After season 2, Reece decided to leave and since then hasn’t stopped climbing the ladder of success.

    The fierce Latina took time to do some soul searching, get fit, and start a new business. The best of all her new endeavors was finding love. Reece talked to MillionaireMatch about all of it and how she was able to open her heart up to the possibilities of a new love.

    We first had to know what the secret was from going from size 18 to a size 6. After experiencing many yo-yo diets and being disappointed, “I ate clean and exercised,” she said. Reece added, “I basically starved myself to be skinny. I fainted during a video shoot in DR due to taking diet pills, diurectics. I fainted in the water.” This was a wake up call for her. The abuse she placed on her body to stay thin was hurting her health. After her doctor said to her, “Your body and heart won’t survive this abuse,” she decided to take action.

    It wasn’t easy, but she took small steps. Reece said she was too embarrassed to go to the gym. She decided to start walking 10 minutes everyday until she got up to an hour. In addition, she fell in love with making smoothies. She loved creating smoothies so much, she wrote an ebook, 5 Day Smoothie Slimdown, which has delicious and healthy smoothie recipes like Chocolate Banana Cake.

    Reece decided to take her commitment to being healthy a step forward. She was approached by a company to promote a detox tea. The company representatives, “were very arrogant. They also tried to low-ball me with compensation, “ she said. Without actually trying the product, Reece just didn’t feel right promoting it. She wanted it to be a good product for herself as well as her fans. She eventually turned the company down, which no longer exists, and started her own company with a little push from a friend who was encouraged by her weight loss. So, she decided to turn to her sister who had been using a family tea detox for years. She gathered all the recipes and launched Get Slim Detox Tea.

    With over 140k followers on Instagram, the tea has been a success, but Reece has always been a hard worker. Her dating life on the other hand, definitely needed a little work. “I was blocking it. I was working hard all the time, and blocking having a relationship,” Reece said. “I had been single for two years and enjoying it. I kinda got use to being single. I had to learn balance,” she added. “It wasn’t easy for me to learn to be vulnerable,” she continued.

    Reece recently was seen on E!’s Famously Single tackling her dating life or lack thereof. She shared with the world about her previous abusive relationship. During her two years of not dating, she took the time to work on herself. “I did a lot of soul searching,” she said. “I needed to find my equal. I realized how wrong some people were for me,” she added. Well that break and the show lead her into the arms of her current partner, someone she met 7 years ago. “It wasn’t the right time back then, but it’s the right time now,” she said. We asked Reece what was the secret to her healthy, successful love relationship. “Communication is totally key,” she answered.

    What’s next on the horizon for Somaya Reece? New music produced by her girlfriend, Lady Luck, will be coming soon. She is also working on a new show she couldn’t tell us much about, but it will hit our television screens in January. Her health company, This Fits Me, is adding another product called My Red Carpet Plan for those who need to drop weight in a week the healthy way, and she is continuing to write new books about her life, mental health, and how to start a company and be successful. If that isn’t enough of Reece, you will also be able to download her upcoming Emoji App. We can’t wait!

  • Maxim Brings Hollywood's Hottest Together Posted 16-AUG-16 | Admin

    Hollywood hottest

    Maxim’s 16th annual Hot 100 Party brought together some of Hollywood’s most beautiful people at the Hollywood Palladium on Sunset Boulevard. Iggy Azalea, Draya Michele, Nick Cannon, Mel B, Nicole Murphy, and Chanel Iman all graced the red carpet before starting their night of partying. The event’s host was Stella Maxwell who Maxim placed at the number one spot on the Hot 100 list.

    MillionaireMatch had the chance to ask the celebs what they considered to be hot. Tyson Beckford was clear, “First off, intelligence,” he said. “Intelligence is the first thing I am attracted to, and then after that goes to beauty - eyes, lips,nose, shape. All of that,” he continued. The former model who looks to have not aged at all, surely doesn’t have a problem with getting a beautiful woman. His secret to staying youthful, “Sleep! I’ll knock out and not do anything all day.”

    The ladies of the hit show, Wags, told us what they look for in a guy. “I think if he’s very confident, and he makes you laugh that makes him hot,” says Sophia Pierson. Natalie Halcro chimed in to say, “Our family is really big on humor so I have to say as long as he makes me laugh, then we are good to go. Other than that, aesthetically, a great smile.” They both spoke about the show and the upcoming turn of events their viewers can look out for, which involves a lot of drama for the remaining season.

    Shaun Ross, the first professional albino model, talked candidly about unconventional beauty. “What makes a person hot is sexy confidence,” Ross said. “I love that I am representing. Being a person that isn’t considered to be conventionally beautiful, I definitely wanted to be here because I think I’m hot. You don’t have to be a person with big tits, ass and silicon. We are all sexy in our own way. It’s about celebrating more than just body. It’s about celebrating spirit,” says Ross.

    One after another, celebrities walked the carpet until Nick Cannon arrived. The carpet was exclusive to him during his photo opps. He wore all black including a turban with an oversized gold chain which seemed suitable for deejaying the party. On what makes a woman hot, Cannon said, “Her sense of humor and self-esteem.”

    We were happy to find that everyone, famous or not, looks for what really matters when being attracted to the opposite sex.

  • Ray Donovan Cast Appears at the Paley Center Posted 08-AUG-16 | Admin

    Paley Center

    Showtime’s Ray Donovan is one of the most watched television series which first premiered in 2013. To date, the pilot episode of the series had the biggest premiere of any show on Showtime. The talented cast joined together for a special event at The Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills. Liev Schreiber, Jon Voight, Paula Malcomson, Dash Mihok, Pooch Hall, Kerris Dorsey, Devon Bagby, Katherine Moennig, Steve Bauer, and Executive Producer, David Holland, were all in attendance for Paley Live LA: An Evening with Ray Donovan.

    MillionaireMatch was there and able to get a little personal with the cast. After long hours on set and looking forward to more taping, the cast was surprisingly full of energy. Pooch Hall (Daryll) wore a Superman shirt proudly as he expressed how great it was to work with a cast that felt like family. “I’m blessed as an individual. I’m blessed as an actor,” he said.

    We caught up with Malcomson (Abby Donovan) and asked how she survives those rough scenes dealing with cancer and having just shot a man on the show. Malcomson, who fell into acting when a stranger walked up to her and offered her a role on the spot, says Abby is a great character to play even if she’s all messed up. She looks forward to season five.

    A newcomer to acting with this being his first role, Devon Bagby (Connor Donovan), says it has been a fun ride and the ending of season 4 will shock you. “I’m excited for everyone to see the whole season so we can talk about it,” he says. Unfortunately, he couldn’t give us any clues on what’s coming up.

    Dash Mihok who plays “Bunchy” says it has been fun exploring what it is like being a new parent through the show.

    Steven Bauer who plays “Avi”, Ray Donovan’s right hand man, loves the unexpectedness the show brings. “It’s really kind of a rollercoaster without too many scary moments,” Bauer says.

    We can’t wait to see the rest of this season. Ray Donovan airs Sunday nights at 9pm on Showtime.

  • Love and Dating with Dr. Darcy Sterling Posted 03-AUG-16 | Admin

     Dr. Darcy Sterling

    Dr. Darcy Sterling may be new to your television screen, but she isn’t new to the field of love and dating. Sterling is the star of Famously Single on E! where she teaches eight celebrities dating and relationship skills. The show also stars Brandi Glanville, Pauly D, Jessica White, Somaya Reece, Aubrey O’Day, Josh Murray, Willis McGahee and Calum Best. Created by Irwin Entertainment, the show is a hit and also helpful for those viewers working out their own relationship woes.

    MillionaireMatch was lucky enough to speak to Dr. Sterling about her experience on the show, why online dating and having a matchmaker is a great idea and what it is it really like dating as a celebrity.

    Sterling has helped numerous individuals and couples through her private practice in New York, Alternatives Counseling, which she shares with her wife Stephanie Sterling. So when she got the call from her manager that E! wanted her on a plane to Los Angeles the next day to audition for a new show, she was well prepared. “I feel like I’ve been preparing for this for years, and years, and years,” she said. “I knew I wanted to teach relationship skills on a large platform. I’ve been, in my mind, preparing for this forever. Part of that includes, imagining cameras around me when there were none, condensing my words into sound bytes, and creating take-aways for the hopefully millions of people that will be watching weekly,” she continues. Well, the producers definitely knew they had the right person.

    It takes a lot of talent to walk into a room with eight different people who all have their individual issues and try to help them in the dating department. With only sixteen days to film and eight cameras taping your every word, Sterling had pressure to create trust quickly with the cast. She describes those first moments as, “I thought, you know, this feels like middle school at the lunch table.” The majority of the cast, who we have seen on other shows, came in already feeling exploited in the past – which did not help them to speak openly about their issues. Sterling had her work cut out for her to say the least. “My goal was to protect the cast,” she says on working with each person.

    We asked if celebrities have a harder time finding love or is it easier with a larger pool to choose from. Sterling answered, “They are the same as the rest of us.” Everyone, fame or no fame, will find something to work on when they decide to join with someone. Fame just seems to highlight those issues. Sterling explains, “when you are a celebrity, the same issues that existed before you were a celebrity, exist for you after you’re a celebrity. It’s just magnified by the celebrity.” As we have seen, anything a celebrity does can easily and quickly spread over social media. That’s why learning healthy relationship skills is the key, and this show is helping everyone. Most celebrities may get stuck at finding the truth in a person’s motives, but Sterling says that’s really no different from anyone else. “You know what, when you’re a beautiful woman you wonder the same thing. What are people’s motives? When you’re a rich person, you wonder the same thing. If you’re a suspicious person and you wonder about people’s motives, which some of that is good, you will be suspicious.”

    It’s understandable that some celebrities may be suspicious or afraid to start a new relationship. As a result, many tend to stick with meeting people in their circle. That’s why Sterling suggests using a matchmaker or online dating. “You’ve got to go with matchmakers or online dating to meet new people,” she says. “I love the idea of using a matchmaker or online dating. It’s a paradigm shift for most people. It immediately exposes them to people outside of their circle that they wouldn’t otherwise meet,” she explains. Using someone who is an expert at matching people together or an algorithm that magically lines up a list of potentials is a way to get you out of picking your norm. As Sterling explains, “Human beings, generally speaking, suck at picking partners.”

    It is that reason why Dr. Sterling is launching her new digital course, You can also find out more information on her popular blog, Ask Dr. Darcy at We can’t wait to see the rest of the season of Famously Single!

  • From the Ground Up with Joshua Davidson,CEO of Chop Dawg Posted 25-JUL-16 | Admin

    Joshua Davidson

    Most 16 year olds are not thinking about building an empire, but that wasn’t the case for Chop Dawg CEO, Joshua Davidson. With a talent for building websites, he set out to gain his first client by going door to door inquiring if residents needed his services. He soon got his first person to say yes, and as the saying goes the rest was history.

    Chop Dawg works with entrepreneurs by taking their ideas on creating an app into development. Not only do they build dream apps, but they create dream websites, marketing strategies and identify the core audience for the product. MillionaireMatch had a chance to talk to the busy CEO about building his start-up from the ground up.

    MillionaireMatch: Where did the name Chop Dawg come from?

    Joshua Davidson: It’s a compromise between top dog and chop shop. We couldn’t figure out which one we wanted, so we just divided it up right down the middle. Some how, some way people love it. It has stuck around for seven years.

    MM: How did you learn to create a website at such a young age?

    Joshua Davidson: As a little kid, I use to screw around on Halo Hal, Myspace, Yahoo gear, Adobe, and started learning photoshop, graphic design and editing. It was like the wild west era. Fortunately, I was too young to be in the dot com bubble. I know if I was old enough, I probably would have been one of those people that got burned. I was able to enjoy what the dot com bubble brought, which was the ability to create things on the internet. At the same point in time, the dot com bubble scared away an entire generation of people who thought, ‘you can’t make money. I’m not buying any shares in this.’ I would be like, oh you CAN make money. I’m growing up on this. I’ll go and do stuff on my own. I was pretty much molded by the environment of a generation too early to be part of that bubble, but in the right generation to grow up with technology and know how it works and how to utilize it and kinda be part of that wild west era.

    MM: How were you able to continue gaining new clients?

    Joshua: In 2009, it was the height of the recession. At the time, I was in Atlantic City. The entire economy in Atlantic City is based on entertainment. What’s the first thing to go when people start losing income? Entertainment. People were losing jobs left and right. I started my company, which was the height of the recession. That’s number one. Number two, I was pitching websites to businesses that still weren’t on the web yet. That was 2009, which wasn’t that long ago. It was mind boggling. We had to explain to them why they needed a website. This was before mobile websites. We had to explain what was a website design.

    We convinced people they needed to be on the web, because this is where eyeballs are going to make money. So at 16 years old, I was walking door to door selling that old school way which sucks. For every 100 business you talk to you get one that says yes. That one business that says yes winds up tripling your revenue in three months, because they talk to other businesses about your services. It’s call the snowball effect. You start getting referrals and exponential growth.

    MM: Do you think you give away too much free information?

    Joshua: That’s the incredible part. Have you heard of CAC? CAC is cost of acquisition per customer. It tells you if you spend $500, you will get $10k back in revenue. It’s a metric that tells you how much to put towards advertising. It’s kinda like a formula for success. The more free and valuable content we put out there the more entrepreneurs we can help, the more aspiring entrepreneurs we can convince to become entrepreneurs and the more potential people we can directly help, we can provide them a service. They are now discovering us. So for us, there’s no such thing as giving away too much free content. I think our issue is that we can’t put out more content. That’s why we introduced the podcast this year, and now we have a blog post three times a week. We’ve even opened it up to guest bloggers. The more you can directly help people, give them something valuable, help them in their day to day, inspire them and be a resource for them, the more you will get back.

    MM: When did you realize that social media would be important for Chop Dawg?

    Joshua: Around 2008 or 2009, I started to realize the power of social media. What I started realizing was that I was sitting in front of real decision makers, and talking to people who were not in my network. That’s how I knew social networking was going to be a big thing. What I realized is that social media is like the stock market. At some point, it’s over-saturated and at other times it’s under-saturated. With Twitter, we got in at a point where it was still growing. We got in kind of at the ground floor. That’s the time where it’s the most amount of eyeballs and you can communicate with people. Now, that’s happening with Snapchat.

    We are not taking projects under $50k. Usually, our average customer is $75k up to $300k in a year. That’s a lot of money. It’s not an emotional purchase at that size client. The way you get in front of people is you have to give them value and constant brand awareness.

    MM: What do you wish you had known when you first started as an entrepreneur?

    Joshua: Thinking long-term. I was very short-sighted. I thought I was a long-term thinker. I would think, a year from now, I want to be here! The reality is how quickly does a year ago feel to you? It feels a lot shorter than a year. Now, it’s been 7 years and I’m thinking how quickly that went. When you realize time is quicker than you imagined and you start saying okay, I’m going to start to think more long-term when making decisions. Success and growth is created as a result.

    MM: Do you agree with the phrase, if you chase your passion, the money will come?

    Joshua: I think if you go into business for the sake of making money, you are going to fail. Usually, the people making serious ‘bank’ didn’t get in business for the money. I don’t agree with the phrase 100%. The reality is you can’t do everything you love and expect to be paid like one of the top performing people in the world. Too many people think like that.

    MM: Have you ever hit a rough spot in your business where you considered giving up or pivoting?

    Joshua: It happens a lot more often than anyone likes to discuss. There have been plenty of times in the early part where I thought how in the hell am I going to do payroll next month. We had no new clients come in and what in the hell are we going to do. I can’t think of one moment, because it happens all the time. Now, we are trying to push the envelope and try to take our company to the next level, the next gear. We have to make some aggressive moves. The issue with that is if you fail, you’re taking ten steps back. That’s terrifying when you’ve worked your butt off and know that just one wrong move, you are back to square one again.

    We’ve pivoted before and we’ve had moments where we just flat out failed, and learned a lot of lessons. I like to call it paying tuition. You make a mistake, learn from it, and never do it again.