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Date Elite Singles, Find Love in Madison

Madison, Wisconsin is a beautiful city in central Southern Wisconsin, west of Milwaukee. For professionals who are visiting Madison, or for professionals who have lived in Madison their entire lives, there are lots of local sites to date, or to find dates.

In a town like Madison, while there are lots of great professional singles out there, it’s not very easy to find them. Online dating is the way to go when looking for locals to meet. An excellent medium is MillionaireMatch. It connects successful, elite singles and can facilitate the meeting of serious individuals looking for love in a place like Madison.

Once you’ve connected with someone, though, it may not be easy to know where to take them, but Madison is full of amazing places to take a date and fall in love. Downtown Madison is great for shopping and window shopping, or even just walking together. There are also plenty of areas to ride bikes in Madison, and numerous areas to sit and eat. In winter, there’s even a Christmas tree set up and lit, which would be a great time to go with your partner to see it together.

Speaking of bike riding, the Lake Monona Shoreline has a path along the waterfront for walking and sightseeing, as well as biking and sightseeing. The view of the water is fantastic, especially as the sun begins to set.

The University of Wisconsin campus in Madison is also an excellent place to take a date for a day truly out of the way at the Madison Arboretum. It has hiking trails and is a great park spot to just sit and be surrounded by nature. There’s also plenty of wildlife around, including birds, deer, and even turkeys, so there’s a chance that you could see some! That would certainly create a conversation topic with you and the person you’re therewith.

Olbrich Botanical Gardens is a very popular spot as well, in order to see numerous different species of plants all accumulated in one place in a spectacular show of color. The entry fee isn’t very much ($2.00), so it’s a great way to spend a morning with a date before perhaps going to get something to eat, and a great option for a more relaxed view of nature for professionals on the weekends.

Memorial Union Terrace is an outside, waterfront seating area where couples can sit and eat together, or simply sightsee and talk. There are also nearby food spots where you can get good food, or a locally famous draft beer and sit at these cool, colorful tables. This area is also very often used as a music venue, so you can certainly make an evening out of it and listen to some live music.

In winter, in addition to seeing the Christmas tree in Downtown Madison, the lake in Tenney Park freezes over so it’s an excellent place to bring your partner ice skating. It’s a popular spot where you could enjoy the cold air together, and take advantage of the freezing temperatures in Wisconsin. It’s been called the best outdoor ice skating in the U.S, so definitely a spot to check out!

Not only are there fantastic outdoor areas in Madison, but there are museums as well. The Chazen Museum of Art offers a variety of art pieces, differing from the traditional stoic museums. It has plentiful different styles of paintings, statues, and even jewelry and textiles, so it’d be an interesting and relaxed way to spend the day with a date. It could also be intellectually stimulating, so that’s a more involved option for a date.

MillionaireMatch to connect you locally to elite singles and finding the perfect place to take your date in Madison, Wisconsin, there are plenty of chances to find love and stay together.