Top Luxury Watches: Chopard Super Ice Cube

Posted by: Keith2017

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    Luxury has its pride and demeanor, be it a car, a house, or a watch. Buying off world’s most expensive watch is the most pleasant feeling and the most satisfied one. Luxury watches are the most expensive gadgets in such a size made these days, rich people buy it to point toward their arrogance and contemporary lifestyle. Luxury watches are starting from $1000 to $2 Million, all of them have best of their features and categories of buyers, name your price range, and there is a company somewhere in the world meeting the demand. Splitting it one by one, what’s the most expensive luxury watch to date? It is Chopard Super Ice Cube luxury watch with golds and baguette diamonds all over it with a beautiful crystal paved dial to amplify the joy. Apart from baguette-cut diamond watches, Chopard has award-winning designs of navette, and brilliant-cut wrist watches all made of precious gemstones.

    Among others, Chopard has been the leading contender and a quite successful one in making super luxury watches from thousands to millions of dollars, laden with gold and precious gems and crystals for both men and women. What makes them unique is their design and perfect technology and watchmaking technique that remains a secret to admirers.

    Among the most expensive and uniquely designed luxury watches, Chopard Ice Cube collection remains the most loved and stylish of all amalgamated with new features and technologies. Made with the best design and expensive gemstones, it is really what a million-dollar watch must look like.

    Chopard Super Ice Cube Features

    Super Ice Cube is costly of all watches amongst the Ice Cube series, the design is flawless, and the technology beats all the contenders. The masterpiece is only for those with class, style, and of course, money. The items included are 18k diamond crystals and white gold, and a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal face that is shaped in beautiful cubic crystal structure along with white gold. The crystals make around 66 karats in total. The design is water resistant to immense pressures, up to 30 meters or 100 feet. The bracelet is made adjustable for various wrists sizes for all the women wrist sizes. The 30mm diameter with square white gold case looks shiny with the classy baguette diamonds; the dial is also made of baguette diamonds. The dial movement is of Swiss quartz technology that will make sure the Chopard Super Ice Cube never lags and be on time even a hundred feet in the water.

    The watch is specially made for women; it is surely the best-ever gift for a woman, the case size of luxury Ice Cube watch is 30 x 30 with astounding enterprise packed set. The dial color is blue and is made of diamonds. The watch type is square with Chopard trademark signature on it.