The Luxury Watch: Louis Moinet Magistralis

Posted by: Keith2017

  • When it comes to formal dressing, you cannot expect to be dressed elegantly if you are not wearing a watch to compliment your dress code. There are so many brands which are competing to look the best on your wrists and keep coming up with newer and better designs but one brand that has beaten them all in creativity and uniqueness is Louis Moinet. Not only does it give you quality but distinguishable designs too.

    What is Magistralis all about?


    All of the Louis Moinet watches are known for carrying some of the rarest and exotic raw materials on this planet. For example, the Astralis watches by the brand located in Saint-Blaise, Switzerland has a Sahara 955 meteorite in its dial which is estimated to be dated back to over 4.6 billion years and is considered as the oldest rock we know that is a part of our solar system.Worn by some of the most famous personalities around the globe, Magistralis is unique and one of its kind for a whole different reason. We all have wanted to hold the moon since we were kids but with MagistralisLouis Moinet has made it all possible. Each one of the Magistralis uses a piece of the moon in its design giving you a literal experience of walking with the moon in your palms.

    But this is not the only feature that has famous people drooling over these timepieces which have been around since 17th century. Let us take a look at what makes this watch worth every single penny that it costs.

    • The movement of this watch is based on the technology which is over a hundred years old now. So what powers the Magistralis is the perpetual calendar, the chronograph functions that are single pusher in nature and of course the minute repeater.

    • The legacy was initiated by Louis Moinet in 1768 and after his death, his passion and love for these exquisite pieces are still living with the creative directors who managed to keep the spirit alive. Today Jean-Marie Schaller has managed to revive the name of the iconic watchmaker with his watches. Magistralis here uses 90 moving parts in its design each one intricate into a complicated pattern in the presentation box, 3N or 5N rose gold, which is creative yet distinguishable in its own way.

    • The watch comes with a musical instrument which helps amplify the sound of the repeater used in the dial.This sound is what keeps it all real and rooted in its legacy.

    • The dial of this particular watch uses a display inspired by the moon phase so that it can fit with the 2000-year-old lunar meteorite used in the dial.

    Like all the Louis Moinet watches, the Magistralis is a luxury watch as well which is worn by famous and influential people all over the world. Given the design and the making technology, it is one of its kind which manages to do complete justice to the art of Haute Horlogerie.