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  • Open: 11:30 AM - 10:00 PM

    Kellari New York

    Location: 19 W 44th St New York, NY 10036

    Tel: (212) 221-0144

    Friendly, charming and comfortable place for classic Greek food. I had a delicious mixed appetizer plate, salmon and baklava for dessert. Everything was wonderful! Great place for relaxing. Plenty of room between tables, masked waitstaff and very clean and cared for (men's) restroom. Most importantly, delicious, authentic and meticulously prepared Greek food. Will definitely be adding this place to the short list of outstanding New York restaurants.

  • Open: 4:30 PM - 10:00 PM

    4 Charles Prime Rib

    Location: 4 Charles St New York, NY 10014

    Tel: (212) 561-5992

    Still among our favorites. We've been a few times since my last update, including last night in the midst of our COVID outdoor-dining winter. Their setup is great -- private booths that are sealed on three sides and a curtain for ventilation on the fourth. It was in the low-to-mid 30s during our meal, and while it was definitely not as comfortable as eating inside, it was still very tolerable, and certainly worth it given the quality of the food.
    Most recent visit, we came as a party of two and ordered a lot of food: crab cakes to start, followed by the burger, the 4 Charles cut prime rib, truffle mac & cheese, fries, bacon, and mashed potatoes, and then capped off with their hot fudge sundae and chocolate cream pie. The crab cakes were new to us and excellent. The prime rib is perfect, and the burger is one of my wife's favorites. On the sides -- the truffle mac is our favorite, and surprisingly the lightest of all the ones we ordered. I also really loved the mashed potatoes, which normally wouldn't be my thing, but they come with this amazing roasted garlic on top. The fries and bacon are excellent too, but you can feel the heaviness with every bite. Both desserts are amazing, and the pie is one of my very favorite desserts anywhere.

  • Open: 6:00 PM - 12:00 AM


    Location: 6 Bond St New York, NY 10012

    Tel: (212) 777-2500

    Ok, I read a bunch of these reviews before going, so I had some pretty high expectations. Let me just say, I was NOT disappointed at all. The crispy shrimp was awesome. The risotto was really good though I wasn't a huge fan, but my friend thought it was one of the best dishes. I loved the sesame crusted roll. The sashimi was awesome. The fish was really fresh. The bill came out to $100/person, but we also drank a lot. I tried a number of the cocktails on the menu but like everyone said, the lychee martini definitely takes the cake. Speaking of cake, the creme brulee was awesome! It comes out in an unusual form (not the usual dish, more like crusted cake with a delicious creme brulee center) but was so good...