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I have found someone on  #Dating
I liked your site and the favorites section allowed me the opportunity to select someone with potential and separate the profile for me to review and return to read, study and correspond with particular profiles.

The lady I was fortunate enough to meet I placed her profile in the Favorites section to come back to and take a closer look. Your system let her know of my interest and she reached out to me. We e-mailed 4-5 times each and talked by phone and after a week, I asked if I could buy here dinner at a place of her choosing where she would feel comfortable meeting someone for the first time. I had similar meet-ups over 3 months and although I met some wonderful ladies, the chemistry, lifestyle and
zest for life just weren’t a match. When my now Girlfriend walked in and sat down across from me numerous things began to click. Everyone seems to have "hot buttons’ meaning things you look for in a partner, they started lighting up for me immediately. From her appearance, maturity, poise, confidence, lifestyle, etc., a potential partner began to emerge. The second date was 4 days later, I could hardly wait and it proved to be just as interesting and fulfilling. We corresponded in writing via your site and talked a lot and now we’re in our 5th month of a truly great relationship that continues to strengthen as the days fly by. I would have never met her without the aide of your website. Thank you, Clark