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Silvia and I met in mid-2016, took it slowly at first, and finally decided to commit to one another a few months later after a wonderful time together in Cayman Brac. Subsequent vacations to Fiji, Grand Cayman, the Keys, the Bahamas, New York and New Zealand sealed THE DEAL. We are into a loving, caring, supportive, healthy, activities-oriented lifestyle. We couldn't be happier, and thank for providing us the forum to have met one another.

Advice to other members:

Your partner is out there somewhere. Be persistent. Never give up, but above all, be smart and play it safe. There are a lot of phonies and disingenuous people online. It took me 9 years and 86 women before I was able to find my GEM, but it was all worth it in the end. How lucky we are!

Mar 26, 2018

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