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I found my love here on this site! Thank you!  #Married
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Here is the quickly summary. I met Holly (wildeh1) on your website in October, 2012. After corresponding via email, she gave me her number and I called her. After hitting it off over the phone, we agreed to meet for breakfast (Thursday) near her house. We instantly fell in love. On the very next day, I was heading out of town for a soccer tournament in Arizona. She gave me a ride to the airport, and all I could think of all weekend was Holly. I don't even remember how we did in the tournament. I proposed to Holly in July 2013 at Northridge Skateland. The competive roller skating club that me and my daughter belong to were having an "end of summer" fundraiser skating exhibition at Northridge Skateland. I convinced my roller skating coach to perform a roller skating freestyle routine together at the very end. I knew this would make Holly jealous. Since this was a fundraising event, I made sure to invite all of her friends. The music of the skating routine I did was first basically two songs. The first was "We like to Party" by Vengaboys, which then transitioned to the Bruno Mars song, "Marry You". At the very end of the song, in which both me and my coach were performing to, my coach disappear and I rolled up to Holly and then proposed to her in front of everyone. Very few people new that I was going to do this and it caught most of the people off guard. Of course..she said yes! :)

Anyways, three months later (Oct 2013), we drove up to Vegas and formally got married at the "Little Chapel of the West". So basically, we were married within one year of first meeting. Pretty cool huh? :)