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Found my match a while ago on here!  #Engaged
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First of all I would like to start out with saying a big and great thank you to millionaire match. I know that if it wasn't for this website I wouldn't have meet Anthony! When I first start with millionaire match I had no expectations. I came in with an open mind but new exactly what I wanted. I came a cross a few people before Anthony but nothing clicked. After about being on the sit for a few weeks I came across Anthony. I opened my e-mail and I had a wink from him. I remember winking back and then he messaged me! We e-mailed back and forth for a few days and then we exchanged numbers and started talking. We clicked very quickly. After about talking for a month, he came to my home town and I picked him up at the airport! All I thought at that moment when I first saw him at the airport "omg just look at him" . He was so handsome wearing a white shirt with dark jeans. He gave me a warm huge and we drove together to his hotel. I dropped him there for him to freshen up and we went to dinner. We felt so connected. It felt as if we know each other forever. We started growing a friendship in our relationship and that is the most important factor. If you can't be friends how can you expect to live life all of your life together. After the first meeting we knew it was going to work! We just let things fall in place by itself. He flew me to his home town and I met his family and he met mine. I felt so welcomed by all of them. Anthony and I have been together for seven months going on 8th! Long distance is hard but we fly back and forth every month so it's not bad because when you want to make it work you will find a way! We have talked of marriage and having a family in the next few years. We are truly in love! I wouldn't have known what love was if I had not met Anthony and I don't know if I would have meet him if it wasn't for millionaire match. I appreciate your website and personally think it is the best dating site!

Advice to other members:

Best tip I can give is to give everyone a chance! You never know who might come and melt your heart. We have 20 years age difference but it doesn't matter because when we are together our world is complete! Our families are happy we are happy so what else could we ask for?