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with love and appreciation for the individuals we both are.
For one year I have been on this amazing site, getting to know the other wonderful members, woman, whom I have met and remain friends with, and of course the men, the reason I was here. Hoping to find, "the one" man to share the rest of my life with.
My search, after the first e-mail contacts, the phone calls and the personal meetings, not only within North America, but Europe came to an end when on the last day of my preferred status, actually the very last hour, was coming to a close and I had decided not to renew my membership. As I was leaving a gentleman was arriving to join the preferred ranks. My photo and profile was the first one to appear during his initiation run through search. He liked what he saw and read, then immediately he sent me an e-mail, (fate? Perhaps. Meant to be? Quite possibly.). I replied. We ?talked? on the IM system. He took the initiative and phoned me. I phoned him. Back and forth until he flew into Toronto?s airport one month later. I waited, (ask me how nervous I was), and recognized him instantly when he came through customs. Immediately his eyes went to where I stood amid the crowd, I still don?t know how he did that, set his bags down and spread his arms wide open. The people in front of me parted to let me through and I walked straight into his arms. As his arms wrapped around me he asked, ?will you marry me?? When my ears heard the question and before my brain could be kick started to function properly, ?yes?, flew out of my mouth, (I still don?t know where that yes came from and I?m still in shock. I had envisioned myself living with a man but never, ever getting married). The next part is private and I?m not sharing it with you. We both fit together like a hand in a glove, and have made plans to make our home for six months in Toronto and six months in Texas.
My advice to all you seekers of love. Know the qualities that you would like the other person to have, the rest will naturally fall into place. Don?t let distance be a deterrent and don?t abandon the search.
My extraordinary journey to an end result would never have happened but for MillionaireMatch.
A big heartfelt thank you to the employees of MM for bringing Mrtexan and I together!
PS: Pictures to follow