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My Dream, Soulmate, And My Love...  #Dating
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This photo of us shows how excited, happy and fortunate we found each other! Our 1st photo ever!!!!

Brett lives in Oregon, I live in Florida. He flew to see me for three days and two nights. He flew over 7 hours and we met at The Hyatt, Sarasota in the lobby for lunch and as soon we looked into each others eyes, we knew right away it was meant to be. He brought me gourmet chocolate! He is warm, good hearted, great listener, calm, easy to talk to, attentive, smart, handsome man. We talked a lot, laughed and could take our eyes away from each other! Most important, we could not stop smiling! It felt so natural, real and relaxing! We both traveled to see each other and now, Im moving in with him! We both want the same thing in life and in our future as well. We talked about family and marriage! I love Brett so much!!!! We are both so grateful we found each other and a Special Thank You to Millionaire!!!!

Advice to other members:

My advice for everyone is not to loose hope and believe in yourself! Be patient, kind and respectful to all your dates. We are all excited, nervous and anxious to find our soulmate, otherwise, we would not be in this website. Relax, have fun, be honest to one another and most of all, respect each other!.