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Get Attractive Models by Design, Not by Default

Many rich men seeking models are wondering how they can meet attractive models. The answer is simple (but it doesn’t mean it’s easy): You need to have access to models in the first place.

Become a Social Hub’s Friend

The “hub” is the gateway person who already has access to hot models. Perhaps he organizes a weekly party for his friends and supermodels. Maybe she runs a modeling agency. If you don’t know anyone like that, you might consider becoming friends with a professional photographer who takes models’ photos. In other words, if you aren’t the hub, you need to meet the hub and join that social circle.

Alternatively, you may consider investing in a business that works with models, e.g. the fashion industry, the beauty industry, the jewelry industry, and so on. By the way, Donald Trump has used both of the above-mentioned strategies to meet models: 1) He met his wife Melania Trump at a party organized by a social hub. 2) He was the business owner of the Miss Universe Organization from 1996 to 2015 – that’s why he was able to meet so many hot models.

Hire a System Which Works for you Automatically

If I can use a business analogy, joining a millionaire dating site is just like making passive income – the website automatically sends qualified leads to you without your effort. That is to say, when you become a member of MillionaireMatch, the dating site will send you hot women such as attractive models because this upscale dating website is a model matchmaker as well.

If finding a social hub and starting a business that works with models are both like making earned income, then joining MillionaireMatch is similar to making passive income or leveraged income. Of course, you can try both approaches if you like – in this way, you will be able to maximize your chance of dating attractive models.

Understand an Attractive Model’s Reality and Work on Yourself

Please note that attractive models don’t lack options because they are probably surrounded by high-value men who are looking to date models. Therefore, it is important for you to learn how to stand out from the crowd.

First of all, you’d better work on your grooming/looks because most men have no idea what they are doing in this regard. You can read GQ magazine and imitate male celebrities’ styles. Copy their fashion, hairstyle, and so on. Since those male celebrities all hire personal stylists to work on their looks, you can use a business strategy called “stealing and building” – you directly copy male celebrities’ styles and make their investments work for you. For example, if you think you look a bit like Justin Timberlake, you can copy his fashion, haircut, facial expression and body language. Just watch his YouTube videos and imitate him!

Second, know your worth and build core confidence. The previous technique regarding how to improve your looks is all about building external confidence which is very important because external confidence directly influences internal confidence. Indeed, when you wear high-quality clothes, you feel confident instantly. Now let’s talk about internal confidence (AKA core confidence). You have to know that you are already a high-value guy with a lot of value to bring to a relationship with a model. Remember: no one will value you more than you value yourself. You must believe that you are worth it and you deserve a model girlfriend.

Additionally, model dating experts point out that rich men seeking models would be well-advised to improve their communication skills. It is said that a lot of self-made entrepreneurs spend a large amount of time working very hard, so they don’t socialize with others often. That’s why they need to work on their conversational skills. If you are one of these guys, you probably need to learn something about human dynamics, e.g. how to add humor to your interactions with hot models, how to use certainty to look sexier, and so forth. My recommendation is to watch a comedy show each week so that you can learn how to use humor in your conversations. Of course, you can read books about dating advice. These days there are even books regarding model dating advice, e.g. how to date out of your league, how to get a gorgeous mate, etc.

Screen Those Who You Spend Time With

Motivational speaker Jim Rohn famously said, “You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Indeed, if you are surrounded by losers who are dating overweight and unattractive women, you won’t be able to keep a model girlfriend. Let me explain.

Let’s say you have got a model girlfriend, but all of your male friends are dating unattractive and overweight women. In this case, your model girlfriend will quickly figure out that she is a very high-value woman in your social circle, so she will begin to think, “I can do better than this because I deserve a better lifestyle.” That’s not what you want, right?

Therefore, rich men seeking models should build a powerful network, a social circle full of successful men who are dating attractive women. Then the model girlfriend will think, “Oh, so all of his friends’ girlfriends are very hot. Hence, I must keep working on myself – obviously, this guy can get hot girls easily.”

In conclusion, model matchmakers and model dating advisors all agree that rich men seeking models need to figure out multiple effective ways to meet attractive models and maximize their chance of getting hot models, improve their fashion/grooming and build a powerful social circle that is best characterized by successful men dating attractive women. If you can follow the above-mentioned advice, you will be able to get attractive models in record time.

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