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Cheerleader Dating: Make An Attractive Cheerleader Yours

We all know that cheerleaders are attractive, popular and successful, so a lot of rich men are looking to meet cheerleaders. According to a cheerleader dating consultant, there are various ways to meet attractive cheerleaders effectively and make them yours.

Go to the Pre-party or the After-party of a Sports Event

Of course, I understand that a successful guy like you can afford to buy the best ticket for a sports event. However, even if you are sitting in the front row, it’s not always easy to chat up hot cheerleaders during the sports event unless they are sitting next to you! Therefore, you should totally go to the pre-party or the after-party of a sports event. Oftentimes, cheerleaders attend pre-parties and after-parties in order to socialize with other like-minded people. So, you should be there, too!

Remember: the context is extremely important in dating, meaning when, where and how you meet a girl can determine the direction/nature of this relationship. Please let me explain.

When you meet a cheerleader in a shopping mall, it’s much harder to chat her up because she isn’t expecting to meet a guy and start flirting with him in the shopping mall. By contrast, when you meet her at a party, she already expects to be approached by a confident guy like you and flirt with you. In other words, the context determines her mindset which determines how she wants to interact with you. Hence, you should use the right context to work for you.

At the party, you’d better talk to other women before talking to the cheerleader that you actually want to approach. Here is why: When you are happily chatting with everyone, the cheerleader can see that you are there to socialize with people in general, so you don’t have an agenda. But if you only want to talk to her, she will immediately figure out why you are there & she might even think you don’t have other options in your love life. Thus, you would be well-advised to talk to other women before approaching the cheerleader that you prefer at the pre-party or the after-party of a sports event.

Then you can approach the cheerleader and ask her, “Hey. How have you been?” This is much better than “How are you?” because “How have you been?” indicates that “We’ve known each other for a while”. As a result, this line builds a connection instantly – of course, both of you are at the same party for quite a while, you two aren’t strangers!

As you are ready to get her phone number, you can say, “Oh, I have to go now because my friend is waiting for me outside. Can I have your phone number so that I can take you to see XYZ movie next Friday?” (Note that before asking this question, you should have already planted the seed of having a date with her by mentioning “I heard that XYZ movie is great”.) Now it’s very likely for you to get her phone number AND a date with her because you’ve planned the logistics so well!

Meet Cheerleaders on an Upscale Dating Website

Because cheerleaders are attractive and successful women, they don’t want to date average guys. That’s why many of them are on upscale dating sites such as MillionaireMatch; as a result, you may consider becoming a member of MillionaireMatch if you are keen to meet cheerleaders quickly.

A cheerleader matchmaker suggests that a lot of cheerleaders live a busy lifestyle due to their hectic schedules, so they tend to use online dating sites in order to meet potential partners. Of course, since cheerleaders are high-value women, they only want to date successful men. Therefore, many cheerleaders have joined MillionaireMatch already.

Rich men looking to date cheerleaders should combine offline dating with online dating these days. Ten years ago, online dating was a taboo topic, but today online dating has become mainstream. Internet celebrity Gary Vaynerchuk famously said, “Nowadays online dating is the main way to meet someone suitable, if not the only way. If I were single, I would definitely join a high-quality dating website.” Clearly, many rich men are happy to use online dating services in order to meet attractive women in this day and age. So, if you are one of these ambitious and successful guys, you should totally join an upmarket dating website – this is the fast-track to attractive cheerleaders.

How to Attract a Cheerleader Effortlessly

Perhaps you already know that a beautiful cheerleader has a lot of beta orbiters, right? Indeed, in today’s day and age, every gorgeous cheerleader has a popular Instagram page where lots of beta orbiters are showing their admiration every single day.

But you shouldn’t be one of those beta orbiters. Period.

You must demonstrate your alpha traits, e.g. you have the courage to show your desire; it’s a man-to-woman interaction; you don’t hide your intention. Most cheerleaders have seen many men who are ashamed of their sexuality in modern-day society, especially in English-speaking countries. Thus, you need to let her know that you are a normal guy with a normal libido, and there is nothing wrong with that – you are attracted to this hot cheerleader. It’s nobody’s fault. In this way, the gorgeous cheerleader will see you as an attractive and honest alpha male that she can trust and rely on.

According to a cheerleader matchmaker, the majority of cheerleaders are young women, so if you are a sophisticated and mature guy, it should be easier for you to get younger women – usually, young women associate an older guy with security and experience. That’s why you should totally use your strengths to your advantage and shouldn’t worry about your age if your cheerleader girlfriend is much younger than you.