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    So many of us dream about living the kind of life which spells luxury! Of course, amassing that amount of money is no easy task which means that if you happen to find a hot millionaire you could date, you might still be able to realize your dream.

    Millionaire match is by far one of the #1 Millionaire Dating Site for people who are looking for the eligible millionaires to date. The members are segregated into 6 broad categories on the basis of relation which are

    ➢ Single

    ➢ Separated

    ➢ Divorced

    ➢ Widowed

    ➢ Never married

    ➢ Please ask me

    According to the official data of MillionaireMatch, as when it comes to the female certified millionaire, the largest percentage is divorced which accounts for 39% while 1% were never married. Similarly, when it comes to male certified millionaires the majority of them are single with a whopping 32% count while the never married group again stands slim at 1%. Conclusions as a result, a large number of certified millionaires list their status as divorced or please ask me thereby adding to the curiously.

    As most millionaires tend to date plenty of people frequently, knowing the details and their preferences and opinion on past dates might turn out to be handy. Before embarking on this new chapter of your life, you need to make sure that you treat your date as a person and not as a big cash bank. In order to ensure that you don’t burn your hand dating a divorcee millionaire, you should know some persuasive tricks that will come handy when planning to date a charming millionaire.

    Don’t be in it just for money

    Remember one thing; most millionaires may know that you are in it for the money, so the first rule is not to make this fact blatantly obvious. Letting this fact out in the open can kill the buzz and take the steam off your budding relationship. No matter how much you enjoy the lavish luxury part of dating, keep your zealousness to yourself. And yes, don’t ask about their ex until you get to know them first!

    Know them first

    Treat them as an individual and not as a huge stack of money. No millionaires want to be labeled 24/7, give them their own space to breathe. By now you must know that for any strong relationship to blossom, it is important to spend time knowing each other. Until and unless, you are willing to put in this effort, the relation might lose its steam even before things get moving.

    Pay attention to the little details, try and enjoy the moment without constantly wondering about say the number of Gucci bags you may buy. Know about the likes and dislikes of your date. Analyze what turns them on, examine their pet peeves and a hundred other things that they have to explore and unravel.

    Be Transparent

    For any relation to prosper, you have to exhibit the right level of transparency. Now that you and your partner have developed an agreement reveal about yourself bit by bit and make sure to concentrate on the good things. Don’t sob your date with your sad stories. Try to know about the best times of their past and catch little indications about what’s important for them. Try to do the same with them and let them look into the “real” you. Don’t be afraid to discuss. The more you discuss things, the better the picture both of you shall have. Remember a relationship built on trust has more chances to last longer and your partner would have surely realized it by now!

    Know their social circle

    It is also important to ensure that you are aware of their social circle. When it comes to millionaire and their social circle, the dynamics may differ a great deal. They have their own etiquettes and even dressing norms. So, if you are likely to mingle and go out for parties and events together, it doesn’t hurt to know a little about the circle, the norms, and the people and so on. Of course, it is not mandatory to follow every rule; after all, love is not about going by the rule book! Still sometimes walking a little extra for the sake of love isn’t bad either.

    Digging the past or covering it up

    Okay, let’s face it everybody has the past secrets that they don't want to share with anyone, and you should learn to respect that. Knowing about someone’s past can be both important and useless based on what both of you think. It might be easier to have a discussion about it. Granted, some of us have crazy stories of our ex. But pushing that out of someone can have an adverse effect on your blossoming relationship. So don’t try to put your date in those uneasy situations; they will appreciate you for it!

    Of course, dating a millionaire is a massive bonus with a free gift, the luxurious lifestyle and what not. However, do not forget that in the end, the real thing that rocks your boat has to be the LOVE!

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