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about the author (41, Woman|Neuchatel District, Neuchatel, Switzerland)
It's not about success in business or career for me but SUCCESS IN LIFE: BY: - removing myself from energy vampires, superficiality, any environment which does not serve me - choosing only the best of people around me and by placing them above business, career and anything material - not being everywhere but being somewhere and sticking to my choice, by not shying away from choice but by actually having the courage and maturity to make a choice and run with it - followingmycallings, intuition, heart and signs - making the lives of my loved ones better - prioritizing freedom, meaning and good - knowing that to have what few people have, one must do what few people do - being nice but taking no sh*t ... Men here write they want a woman who needs no financial support, no emotional support (that's why they exclude what they call "drama"), who takes care of herself herself and who is extremely thin because she's so independent that she doesn'teven need food. So why not get a robot or sex doll then? People need support, looking after and love. What's the point of being together otherwise? Togetherness is not just going on trips, dinners and what you call "adventures." People contradicting themselves this way are narcissists. That's like saying, "I need to find someone who I don't need to be with but who needs me but who doesn't need me because I'm oh so independent and she's oh so independent." Take your certifications, gentlemen andshove them. The honey I find will not be like you because I am not like the other women who fall for this and have miserable lives as a consequence. You don't have to prove to me (with your certifications or otherwise) how good you are at taking care of yourself. The question is can you take care of someone else? Can we take care of each other? Whether you think you’re James Bond, sail, fly, golf, do backwards and forward flips, pirouettes or whatever, doesn't interest me mucheither.