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about the author (62, Woman|Odessa, FL, USA)
This is an area that is very important to me because my fitness and my body being in shape is what determines how well I race and that's my passion. So I have training plans where I have days for weights, days for cardio and days for active recovery. Training should be enjoyable not something you dread so I mix it up. I do some of my running on the beach, some on the track and some on other surfaces and enjoying nature and my environment while I do it. I open water swim in the Gulf of Mexico some days and in my local YMCA others. I love to standup paddle board both for the core workout it gives but also for the zen moment of just being out in the ocean with dolphins and nature and the quiet of the world once you are out there. I love most all sports so any sport can give you training in some way so you just have to be creative in what you choose. So my way of staying in shape is to just enjoy your training and mix it up so it doesn't feel like training but play and something you truly look forward to. As I tone down my racing and work on building a lifelong commitment with someone special my fitness methods will change to both compliment and blend with my partners. The best relationships are those where you support and push each other to stay fit and healthy whether together or at times doing your own thing it should always be a priority. Without your health you have nothing.