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    view author's info ( 52, Woman | Springfield, IL, USA )

    I am 5'5 and currently range between 119-123 I am active and love to try different things to stay in shape. as in gym, yoga, roller blading, biking . Eating healthy is way of life for me but I love to cheat a few times :)

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    view author's info ( 42, Woman | Las Vegas, NV, USA )

    I love traditional workouts but prefer yoga because I like to stay limber and relieve pain. I love walking for an overall fat-burn and would love to do more than 8000 steps a day on my Fitbit. I bought myself a Lifetime Elliptical during the pandemic, and that's my favorite Cardio machine. I also have a rebounder and an under-the-desk bike! I've been dancing all my life so put on some music! I love nature, so hiking, of course. I love hanging at a park and throwing a ball or frisbee. I've got a pool and swim daily, and although I try to stay out of the sun, I love water sports, wave-runners, and paddleboards.

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    view author's info ( 58, Man | Wilton, CT, USA )

    Being active, sports & fitness, gardening, ocean swimming when it presents itself, not obsessive, but I am consistent, golf, tennis, basketball, whiffle ball, volleyball at beach, occasional long walks and light hiking.

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    view author's info ( 56, Woman | San Marcos, CA, USA )

    Daily movement - ballet, biking, walking. Exercise is very important to me to stay healthy and maintain a positive attitude. Daily movement - ballet, biking, walking. Exercise is very important to me to stay healthy and maintain a positive attitude.

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    view author's info ( 61, Woman | Daytona Beach, FL, USA )

    I believe in eating and living a health life style. We are what we put in our bodies. Though a little ice cream never hurt anyone. It is moderation. Not what you eat but how much you eat. I start my morning power walking 8 miles and Aqua Jogging in the pool for 90 minutes which give me my muscle tone. Aqua jogging is the best exercise for over 50. It is easy and fun. The results are amazing.

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    view author's info ( 64, Man | Sherman Oaks, CA, USA )

    Intermittent fasting, walking, light weights, light yoga, elliptical, body work, vitamins, sleep, meditation, stretching, massage, hydration.................................. ...But mostly adrenochrome.

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    view author's info ( 42, Man | Dorado, PR, USA )

    I love yoga and do it 2-4 times per week. I do push ups and pull ups and lots of long walks along the beach. I like to eat healthy most of the time and indulge some of the time. And I don't eat su** (much ;-)

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    view author's info ( 48, Woman | Los Angeles, CA, USA )

    I'm a health freak and AADP certified toxicity& detox specialists having change few lives around. I can still fit same dress my mom sewed for my first beauty contest when I was 18. Dancing, hiking, yoga and gravitational gymnastic is my weekly routine. Flexibility is answer to youth and I can't understand how some humans live without weekly massages? lol Internal health is always showing up externally..

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    view author's info ( 64, Man | Oceanside, CA, USA )

    There are simple and effective ways to loose weight and keep it off. If you have not figured out how to use cellular nutrition that would be your first step. Your second step is starting a whole food plant-based engineered super food meal replacement shake. And number three, just do it and dont make excuses and watch what happens. Hit me up if you have questions.

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    view author's info ( 45, Woman | Denver, CO, USA )

    I like to stay in shape by dancing. My whole body gets a workout, every single time. I like how stimulating it is for the brain too, I'm always learning and processing. It keeps me sharp. I go Latin social dancing often. My favorite dances are Salsa and Bachata.

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    view author's info ( 33, Man | Philadelphia, PA, USA )

    Orange theory, hiking, walking, water sports and am always up for trying new things. I love any activity near or on the water or in the mountains. I'm always on the go but also love just chilling and watching a movie on occasion.

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    view author's info ( 46, Woman | Roxbury Crossing, MA, USA )

    You didnt clean its number one focus, no alcohol, consistent and persistent every single day Ive been a top trainer for 18 years. I have seen all types of clients. Strength training is number 1 focus, building muscles , yoga , natural movements, steel mace , balance, Mobility and stability.

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    view author's info ( 23, Woman | Wilmington, DE, USA )

    I go on daily walks, I love the outdoors. One thing I am really afraid of are ticks, which I have never had a single one, surprisingly how much I spend outside. I try to stay alive, so doing things that make me happy, which could be spending the day to a week at the beach, riding my bike, swimming, surfing. Im not really into watching sports unless Im at a basketball or hockey game. Doesnt stop me from playing all types of sports, Im good at basketball, tennis, hockey, and enjoy all forms of physical activity.

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    view author's info ( 68, Woman | Sedona, AZ, USA )

    Eat healthy, portion control, lots of water and get some form of exercise in each day, even if it's just a brisk walk around the park, in a mall and/or running in place and doing planks at home. Snack healthy on celery, fruit, salads.

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    view author's info ( 73, Woman | Houston, TX, USA )

    I try to eat right and cook healthy food at home. I split meals when eating out. I do walk the dog, etc. I like yoga and swimming. The weather is beautiful right now. Its a good time to take my camera on walks and catch neighborhood wildlife like alligators, boars, birds, and snakes! The missing tiger is also a possibility.