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    view author's info ( 55, Man | Brentwood, TN, USA )

    Eat and drink well, sleep well and exercise daily. The basics you learn as a kid, isn't that funny... :-). .

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    view author's info ( 28, Woman | Winnipeg, MB, CAN )

    Lots of walking and water friends.. h20 is everything ! Also cardio and blessed with a beautiful *ss. Lol we could work out with each other or on each other. How do you keep your bodies in shape babes ?

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    view author's info ( 66, Man | Richmond Hill, ON, CAN )

    I have exercised since I was age 14. Currently I am an avid swimmer, yogi, racquet sports enthusiast and workout in my gym every morning. My heart is that of an athlete according to my doctor. I eat well and practice a healthy lifestyle.

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    view author's info ( 52, Woman | King of Prussia, PA, USA )

    I love sports and being outdoors, and especially love being on and by the water! As far as preferences, I would rather be outside doing something athletic vs. being in the gym, but either way, staying in shape is important. In the summer, I like scuba diving, jet skiing, water skiing, kayaking, running on the beach, hiking, tennis, snorkeling, and most outdoor sports...I also enjoy attending various sporting events as well, and during the summer months, Polo tournaments are nice here, living in horse country!

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    view author's info ( 54, Man | Gulf Breeze, FL, USA )

    Biking on the beach, working 50-60 hours a week, visiting my heavy bag a few times a day, boogie boarding or anything on the water, golfing, hiking, helping others better there situation, and flipping houses.

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    view author's info ( 49, Woman | Meridian, ID, USA )

    I love nature and being active, outdoors, going on a hike or a jog, taking long walks, bike riding, exercise 3 times a x week, dance - I try to eat healthy, fresh nothing processed, garden, working around my house

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    view author's info ( 34, Woman | Houston, TX, USA )

    I work out 4-5x a week. Ive been an athlete my entire life - played volleyball and did cheerleading in high school. I ran a lot and worked out in the gym in college. Then I picked up yoga in 2011 and barre in 2014. For cardio, Ill take a dance class or go cycling. Ive also had a trainer in the past, and I loved boxing with him. In 2020, I started rock climbing (both gym and outdoors) and have progressed fairly quickly. As far as my diet, I eat really healthy - lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. I drink a cold-pressed juice almost every day. I dont really eat junk food, but Ill have an occasional cheat day! Unfortunately, Im allergic to dairy and alcohol (Asian glow!) so I stay away from those things. My favorite foods are: sushi, Indian food, and burgers followed by Chinese and Mediterranean. Im not a picky eater and will try just about anything at least twice! I love to cook and bake -- nothing makes me happier than eating someone's home-cooked meals or preparing / sharing a delicious meal for / with people who love good food. My schedule allows me to fast intermittently. I sleep...  see more >>

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    view author's info ( 46, Woman | Trumbull, CT, USA )

    Im always keeping my body in shape, Im usually using a lot of things for this. It is very simple. Im training and swung. Eating healthy food. And very important thing thank a lot to Got He made me almost perfect girl

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    view author's info ( 72, Man | Ormond Beach, FL, USA )

    I'm lucky , always been in great shape do to athletics , Golf since I was 10 , plenty of activity, nothing strenuous now , Cold Beer , Wings ! Walk a bit , But not far ! But if u do I'll watch u and help u

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    view author's info ( 43, Woman | Saint Paul, MN, USA )

    When Covid began I took up hiking as a safe way to still see friends and stay in shape. I hike about 4 miles a day. I'm a little obsessed with closing the rings on my Apple Watch daily. I eat a *mostly* healthy diet and I love to cook and grill.

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    view author's info ( 40, Woman | Temple, TX, USA )

    I move my body every day in a way that brings me joy. Preferably outside in nature. I also eat a mostly plant based diet and drink lots of water. Dancing and other hobbies like hiking, biking, obstacle courses and trail running keep my body healthy and strong.

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    view author's info ( 50, Man | Dallas, TX, USA )

    i train a lot and eat well balance food, i always make sure i'm welly built in shape and i love visiting the gym to get what i want, exercising a lot more help grow stronger and always looks young, like eating fruits and veggies most of the time

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    view author's info ( 60, Man | Alpharetta, GA, USA )

    I have gone through many phases in fitness. For men, weight training is the key to fitness and weight management. I still prefer cardio but science and my brain tell me to pick up the weights at minimum 3x/week.

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    view author's info ( 26, Woman | Altamonte Springs, FL, USA )

    I workout at least 3 times a week and I maintain good eating habits because I have a horrible sweet tooth so I make sure to balance the two. Ill bike a trail, go for a jog or even roller skate. As long as I am up and moving

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    view author's info ( 52, Man | Chattanooga, TN, USA )

    Well, I try. I really do. Im not a large fella. But I could lose a couple pounds. (Well, maybe more than that). My latest attempt is getting a bike and I am taking delivery of the new Nordic Track Vault soon. I love food. I love dining experiences. I like good whiskey and wine. I dont drink soft drinks. I dont mix my whiskey. I am hoping this new coach will encourage me to hike more often while out on the road.