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    Hey I have just sort of stumbled across this(as you do!)And I am amazed there is actauly sites like it! but anyway! I really want to learn more about the world and where the best places are to go for adventure sports eg; white water rafting(never done it) and rockclimbing(I try!) and snowboarding/surfing because I know I like doing that stuff just have not had the time or experience to know where to go... So anyone have some ideas to give me inspiration!!!
    Thanks :)
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    Try kiteboarding.   You can do it on snow or water.   Snow is easier, water is warmer. 


    Warning, it's a physically demanding sport - it is great exercise for both your arms and legs.

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    hawaii has the best beaches, sandy beach is my favorite but only for experienced wave riders

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    I've never had the chance to go travelling but I hope in the near future I can go travel different places and try new things like skiing, hiking and sailing. Such a big world with such little time! :(
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    Does any one love to sail ? I've traveled all over the world,,,, I'm always by the water. Boats are a great way to travel !!!!
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    That is the mission of my life as well! Actually in your backyard of New Zealand is pretty amazing. I liked Queenstown the best. In the states I would have to say Colorado for snowboarding. I lived up in Steamboat Springs one winter and had a blast. They have a lot of lift ops from Australia there and the mountain will sponsor your visa. Whistler up in Canada is amazing as well. Just so much mountain and terrain. I need to make it to Banff in Canada because they are suppose to have dry snow like CO and huge mountains like Whistler. Next winter I am hitting the ALPS. Swiss, Italy, and Austria.

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    I recently went to Costa Rica and they have everything you're looking for and then some..... ATV tours, horseback riding, canopy tours, bungee diving, caving, etc..... check it out!
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    Hi Beauty and brains...
    I know there are searches online thankyou.
    I asked on here due to the fact that I want to know from peoples' experiences first hand, I don't want to go to the advertised locations for tourist. And yes! rockclimbing is daunting especially when you are lead climbing, Top roping feels so much more secure but it is the weak way :P