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    MidnightMagicalS write:
    Psychic and caring .Readings that have truth(honesty) and feelings . Strive to help people. Pets also. Thats my business and I believe that life coaches help people accomplish more in life along with guiding us toward relaxation along with alleviating stress.

    I have always pondered that if someone was truly psychic, couldn't they be more proactive in contacting others as they already know who needs to talk to them??? :o)
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    I was a chaplin in high schools and so in other words I facilitated iteractive activities to guide them in their discovery of God but from a religious point of view. Then they challenged me to present them God from a scientific point of view. I vowed that I would find a way. And after months of research I am the proud mother of a product I can't wait to share with them and others. I can't say that I'm psychic or know it all but I found inner wisdom and inner peace and have tons of tools to guide others towards that experience now. I'm so blessed.


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    Everyone has psychic abilities, some more so then others. I think that people need to make their own decisions, trust their gut, and follow their heart. The truth about being psychic, is that even Nostradamus was often wrong. Once you think you got it figured out, a higher power will always be their to humble your abilities. I believe karma determines more events then anything in this World. I am still too young to gain much validity, I hope my psychic powers grow, in proportion with my acts of kindness.