Music Producer Needs Help! #CrowdFunderUK Self Development

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    Hi guys, any help donating for my friend will be really appreciated.



    Project aim

    My parents have cracked and I need to move out of home asap. I need help in getting a studio setup locally so I can continue my music career

    About the project

    After releasing music for 10 years and having mild success on the underground music scene the time has come where I have to move out of my parents house and maybe leave my music career behind. I have released over 100 house records since 2010 and have had support from DJ's and radio stations across the world. I really feel that now is the time I am really making an impact on the music scene and getting my music heard much more than I ever have. Unfortunately now days its really hard to make a living with music, I am in my home studio every day because i believe in what im doing. I have so much passion inside me to create amazing music. I will go to any lengths to be creative and share my work with the world. All the years I have been struggling doing music and had some mild underground success, there is a perception that because I have a number 1 on a specific music website that people think "oh he is loaded', but the reality is opposite.

    With your donations I plan to move my music out of my parents house, buy music equipment I need to continue with my passion and move into a studio space locally which will include buying materials for the studio space i choose i.e. soundproofing and general refurbishing of the studio space.

    I believe with your help I will be able to definitely achieve long term success and be able to set myself up for the future and deliver great music for as long as possible.

    If you have already contributed, I would like to say a BIG THANKYOU for believing in me. 


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    Sorry but I am not going to donate to your cause.  I was thinking though that maybe I should use this blog to post why I think people should sponser me.


    Hello, I moved out of my parent's house decades ago, they were tough on me and I felt the need to get my own job as a babysitter/ nanny 5 days a week after school when I was just 12 years old.  Years of living on the wrong side of the tracks in Detroit helped made me who I am today so I wouldn't change it.  If I had the ability to stay in California at the age of 2 (we moved back to Detroit after 1 year of living in Cali), I may have grown up acting like a Native Californian ( I shudder at the thought).


    Decades later, I had to move out of my house of 17 years because of my demonic ex-husband. I no longer have a roof over my head.  Sometimes I get to take care of people who are very sick and get paid minimum wage for it. This is after a lousy marriage of 20 years where my ex still owes me money.  


    I just had another disappointment on Monday.  After a 3 hour long interview I was going to be a caregiver to a kind, 101 year old man. Most likely it would be me who would do everything you do to help and it is not a pretty job but still it is an honor to provide support physically, mentally and sometimes spirtually to others. Unfortunitely during the interview the VA (he's a Vet) called him to tell him they will not be giving him assistance for a caregiver even though he is on Hospice after all.  It ended up that some of his relatives will be taking care of him so hopefully it will be good for him.  For myself, I lost some very long shifts and because I only work for one agency I have no hours. Yeap...I'm broke, my piece of garbage, 18 yr. old Dodge Grand Caravan needs a lot of work and I think I will spare you the rest of the details suffice to say I am not a Happy Camper.   

    With your assistance maybe I could buy a better van or an RV?  I have this idea of buying an old bus, ripping out the inside and refurbishing it enough to make it very livable.  Anybody want to help?  IF I was ever able to refurbish a bus I would like to help someone do the same and pay it forward.  Of course I would post the whole process on Youtube to help even more :)  Oh yeah, I also need a place to park my bus.  The local camps will not allow construction and I can't afford the daily fees anyway.

    Thank-you for reading this.