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    Just checkin something out...hence my screen name.


    How do elections affect the economy? 

    Why Android is the most populary Mobil Operating System in the world?

    Beauty or brains...maybe both?


    People get so used to being short-changed out of real conversation, so used to getting by with less, that they've become almost willing to dispense with people altogether. We connect more and more but in the process, we set ourselves up to be isolated. Our fantasies of substitution have cost us. Withe taht said where is the meaningful conversations on dating sites?

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    Ever since JFK, Democratic Presidents have historically been better for the economy than Republicans.  But most people think that is just a coincedence.  Personally I think Trump would remain true to form and bankrupt our country, while making a personal profit.   Hillary will be an acceptable but not exceptional President.


    Android is the most popular because it's competitors are focused on other businesses, while Android is focused almost exclusively on mobile phones software.


    I want both beauty and brains.


    I totally agree that we focus on the fantasy and in doing so ignore real life opportunities.