Hell Romance

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    I don't ever want to go to Hell.  Some things don't work out even in Heaven.

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    We are spiritual beings having a human experience .

    Why go to hell when Jesus prepared houses for you in heaven ? :) 

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    Since Julian had to type his advice, here is mine.  History gives us facts that people existed, there are also landmarks that tell us what history happened there. You can choose to believe or not while on living on Earth, God gave us free will.  I believe and love God and nothing/no one will ever change my mind.  I know He exists. I love the fact that there is Heaven and Hell and Heaven would not be Heaven unless it was perfect, everything works out in Heaven.



    Have you heard of Purgatory?  This is where souls suffer and are cleansed before entering Heaven.  I like the concept of it. If you figure we have to be cleansed of our sins before entering Heaven but long to be in Heaven, it may be somewhat akin to Hell although it isn't quite Hell and we are not damned for eternity.

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    Please don't believe religious people and what they tell you to be "true" and "fact". Humans love to speculate as to what might or might not exist and then state their beliefs as facts.


    Likewise don't believe all non religious people either.


    There is only one fact and that is this. Nobody, and I mean nobody knows anything.