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    Well as a woman I could have the same answer as him. I ask myself "what really does a man bring to the table for me"?. I have been supporting myself just fine on my own and I do have a cutie dog and I could have most any younger guy I wanted "as could most any women" They are pretty easy to figure out. What it really comes down to is we were all put on this earth to love and be loved. If you don't need it in a relationship now, you might regret not having it in your later years. If you are dating to just date then tell the person you are on this site with you are not looking for a permanent relationship. Same everyone time and potential heartaches.


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    There is a chinese joke about love. A professor asked a farmer what is love. This farmer told him if you sleep with a woman at the first night, you still want to sleep with her next night and more. that is love. 

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    An adult and mature man knows very well what womanbrings to him. Or to the table.

    Man and woman are two poluses, two dimensions - and that is why they are attracted to each other, as only in pair ( couple) they can reach harmony, they can fully realize themselves and each of them.

    Woman brings the energy to her man, fills him up, fills the space and the environment.

    Man creates the space, woman - fills it up .. with energy, warmth, love, emotions, whatever she has in herself.

    It has been like this from the very beginning - when people lived in caves - men were hunting and creating, women -guarding the inner space, filling, embracing, warming.

    How come people forget what the men and women are for ...?

    Makes me laugh -)))

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    It absolutely depends on the type of woman:

    1.  GEORGEOUS no brain type => nothing!!  stay with the dog and the call girl.

    2.  NORMAL with brains and high moral values => support, sense of belonging, security, love, caring, and the possibility of forming your own family.

    The issue is that most guys always go with option 1 ... so intelligent for business but no so intelligent for other things ;)

    Best luck trying to go with option 2 the next time!!






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    When he is elderly, and the important things in life like friendship, trust, support and unconditional love truly are what he is going to need as his healthy medical status declines slowly, that call girl will not even return his calls anymore.  He will wish he had a wonderful freind to hold his hand in his last few years.  But it takes many years of honesty, loyalty and treating her like a princess to create that type of relationship.  His answer was a horrible one as far as I am concerned.  He does not seem like a very good person if he feels women are only good as a call girl.  BUT that being said, I am glad guys like him are out there, because with competition like that, it leaves more of the nice women for guys like me :) 

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    A sence of belonging, beong part of a new family of friends and relatives that are great peopl.  Find out how much fun it can be to be with an artist and author, someone super creative and fun and maybe if your lucky bring some realy hope and joy bk into your life.  Money is important but it is not everything.  I m just rally interested in the qualities it takes to be a sucessful buiiness person, having een the writer/artist who tend to live in another world.

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    Well I know what I can bring to the table;)

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    Oh! You meen a Giesha? But seriously it is a question the man should have an answer to or he will wander forever :).

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    a woman will give you compassion.  When your day has been "the day from hell",  she has the gentle hands to undress you, run you a warm shower, and while you're in the shower, whe pours you a drink, as you get out of the shower she's waiting there with a towel to towel you off, while you have your drink.  She has your robe ready for you, and knows that days like that you need extra tender loving care.  She will let you finish your drink, and then she would lay you down on the bed, have you roll over on your stomach and start to give you a complete body massage.  The massage may last for hours depending on how tense you are.  You have to start at the head and work down to the toes, and then have you roll over and start all over again starting at the head, and working all the way down to the toes, massage ever inch of your body so that all the tenson can be released.   She can fix you a nice light dinner, if your in the mood.  Woman are truly compassion and passionate creatures, but they are also care givers.   There really isn't much a woman can't do.

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    Do we not complete the Man and enhance his Soul and Well-Being? X

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    Quoting author:

    I was talking to my friend, I'll call him George, and he asked me a poignant question, "If a man is wealthy, what does a woman bring to the table?"  I told him she might bring loyalty, love, affection, beauty, sex, and other needs for a man.  His answer was then all he really needs is a dog and a call girl to fulfill almost all his needs.  He then asked, "Is there anything else?"  I had to think about it but I didn't have an answer.  Maybe women here can help answer this question thoughtfully.

    A dog doesn't make you WANT to be a better man.  A dog, even one that will sleep with you wont make you breathless while you drift back to rest you cheek on her belly, anymore than a beautiful call girl.  A dog or a prostitute wont open her arms and envelope you when failure claimed your day.  A woman gives a man who's constantly told he's not enough in a competive world a place to rest and when a woman adores you. 
    However, if you're shallow and unkind, get a dog and pay for a call girl.
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    I like this questions,
    So i will now make a question on other end at the table what does woman bring to table if you dont have money or company goes down and you loose everything, does she then still sit at table?

    Dog will piss in the house if you dont walk it
    Call girl will fuch him and she has sickness and dick will fall off.
    So i like his answer your friend george so ask him what he want a wet carpet and no dick or true love.
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    My answer: Beauty, brains, communication, and companionship?
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    I need to find a woman like you around me!  Great attitude and personality!!!
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    We bring the Light. And wisdom. Someone has to:)
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    I don't believe that there are stupid questions, but this is a silly one. Any man who has had a successful relationship with a woman, would never ask this question. However, looking at most marriages that I see, I don't think a lot of women are fulfilling their end of the deal. Realtionships should be mutually beneficial. I feel that when a man respects you and takes care or you, he should be respected in return and treated like a king. I may be a little old fashioned, but I believe that. A good woman should be a best friend, drama free, a confidant, beautiful, confident, generous, and a sexual goddess. Life is an adventure and is meant to be lived fully. Your significant other should be your playmate and partner in that adventure.
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    I think a woman brings a great deal to the table.   For one, if she's a good woman she will always have your back and look out for your best interest.  When you grow old and are alone that call girl won't be looking so good, and will take all the money she can get from you.  Money certainly can't buy love and from this woman's point of view the other dating sites tend to have so many men JUST looking for sex.  A man or a woman can find that anywhere, and a rich man could easily pay for that.  So, hoping this site won't be loaded with so much of that.  
    If a man is truly looking for a meaningful relationship money shouldn't be a factor for him.  Great discussion, a travel companion, somebody to give her a good massage, someone to listen without judgement and feedback when needed, the list is long what a woman can do for a man.  The question is ......... what is HE really looking for?
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    Anybody who said that or had to think about it has never had a successful relationship with a woman. Keep calling call girls guys.