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    Hey guys, I am new here, and I hope after I post this, I can find my way back to this post to see the followup on it. Ok, here goes, how do we know if any of the men, that e-mail us, like the ones that want somekind of relationship with us, if they are married or not? For instance, the other day, I clicked on the bottom of some guys profile, you know, where it says to check on postings about them or comments, something like that, anyways, this one lady left this really cute guy a comment on his profile, saying to beware and that he was married, that his wife had e-mailed her, and all this nasty stuff about him. Well, is there any way the guy can erase that posting or comment about himself?? That way no one else can see what bad stuff is said about him? Cuz I went back to the guy I think it was, but the comment is no longer there. I could have just clicked on the wrong guy, but, I think it was that one. So anyways, that is my question, is that the only place we can check to see if someone knows something bad about certain people, or is there a certain place on this site where we can click on and maybe type in the guys name or whatever to check on them, and I guess them on us too??? Gosh! I hope I find my way back here...Newbies, gotta love us huh? ehhehe Thanks for whoever took the time to read my question. xoxoxo
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    Yeah, i guess so. This whole dating online deal is kinda scary I guess! Thanks guys, have a great weekend.
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    You never really know if a fellow is married. You just have to be careful. I was married for 16 years but never got a divorse. Most people are understanding of my situation. Look at my profile and you might figure it out.

    Good luck to you..

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    Hi there, welcome to the forums.
    First let me help you out with the 'finding back what you've written' part.
    When you log on and click 'forum', on top it shows options; 'topics I have saved' or 'topics I've created'... that makes finding yourself pretty darn easy!

    About the rest of your questions; I dont have an answer for you.
    Hey, it's on line dating: expect fake and be pleasantly surprised if it isn't.
    (Spoken in a true cynical way of course)