is it ok to marry a man who is 36 years older than a girl? Long Term Relationship

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    So, what you think about it?
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    Quoting author:

    So, what you think about it?

    I've always found it's never a good idea to ask for anyones advice (about anything) as the advice you are given will always be skewed and based on their reality, their beliefs, their ideas etc.


    You and the person you wish to marry are the only thing that matters.


    No one elses opinion matters in the slightest. Someones age is not important or relevent. Love doesn't care about how old someone is. I hope you marry him and have a very happy life together :)

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    Hi Angel Kleo !


    honestly , age is one factor of broken relationships and marriages but everybody is entitled to their own

    opinion and decision .. I have friends and Acquaintances who belongs to these Age brackett , they worked

    on well in the 1st place but at the end most of them are separated .. but there is always an exception to every rule .. I think it is only a matter of compromising and respecting each other .. Everybody has to work on their

    marriages and relationships as well as anybody else .. so im on a fair ground ..

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    I had to think a long time before answering this. The reason why is,i´m in a situation like this tree times in my life.So,i gone try to give it a shot,and hope you can do something whit it.

    1é time happens when i was about 22 years old and she 44,i was hopeless in love and so was she.You can imagine that i had nothing to offer beside my youth and energy.But,for one reason or other,we didt nothing whit that,posible because we know something was not right,i have to say,we were mentaly and fysical very compatible.She was very intelligent,i guess that was also a reason why i was atracted to her...i was,and i´m still hungry for knowledg.

    2é time happend around my 35,a woman from 21,not a beauty but so mature and sweet,we connected very wel, couldnt stand because i already had my past and had also other views on life.Less interested in party´s and stuf like that.

    Now,today another history going on.I want to make it clear that this is just platonic,that it was she that make contact with me,and it is she that still keep contact.There are no hidden reasons,wile she knows im just me,not a millionair"not a wealty life"She is from a more then middle class family anyway".Beside that,she is very intelligent and mature for her age,i know a lot of woman from my own age that are less mature also.I asked her what makes her to start contacting me.She said,your the first man that talks to my without value me on my apperiance,but look always in my eyes when you talk to me"she was realy tierd from all those guys just value her on here beautyfull apperiance" After a few meetings we seems to share the same passions,reading,nature,animals,spiritual thinking and more and more.The last time we meeted eachother,i told here i loved her very much,in a way like shes my daughter.I saw tears comming up her eyes and she was hurt,because she want me to love here like a lover and age was no issue.My innerself dousnt allow to do,and i decided for obvious reason to hurt her instead of taking here on an adventure that will end in a lot of difficult ways,specialy for her.Sometimes you have to hurt the one you love...for the reason of love.I realy hope she finds someone from her own age,that shares the same passions,it would make me the happiest man in the world to see her happy.And i gone be a bit selfish to,because i hope to find the same ;-)

    The point i wane make is,i can believe you realy love that man despite the age gap,but consider also if its realy can work for you both.I writed this to give you a chance to look at it in a other way,not to tell you what to do.Thats something you have to make up yourself.

    If you do it for the money,and you feel comforty with that,its up to you also.But keep in mind the time you have to live with that,and the years of happyness you gone loose for the sake of money.Not based on love,considering also you have to allow him to touch you,having intimate encounters,walks beside you etc...

    Like i said,love hurts,no mather what,but it seems a part of or life...Good Luck ;-)

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    I really do not think that the woman will have lasting feelings for that man if she is too young. She will at one point or another last for someone closer to her own age, if the older man does not keep her satisfied.

    That is just my thought on it.

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    Get Real golddigger, not in a million years!

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    If you know guys can take of each other and feelings are mutually in true love. I'd say go for it!  The attraction and chemistry must be there and be very real!
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    "Love is like playing the piano. First you must learn to play by the rules, then you must forget the rules and play from your heart."
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    I had a friend marry a guy 20 years older and it went like this:
    25 - 45 All was good
    35 - 55 All was still pretty good
    45 - 65 Things started down hill fast
    50 - 70 She was the caretaker of an invalid old man
    55 - 75 He was dead and she inherited $7mil but that last 10 years was a hard 10 that she says she'd not do again.
    Personally, if I truly loved someone that much younger than me, there's no way I'd put them through that and essentially rob them of 10 years of their life!
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    To marry a person 36yrs years older than you really takes deep love or a lot of money. Either way you will need both. Sex, TRUST, health, night life, relatives, and the age difference will be a challenge.
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    I agree. When one dates someone more than 10 years their junior they tend to run into a problem of communicating on an even level playing field. Are we that shallow that we will except having a piece of eye candy next to us instead of someone who will help gain and maintain a sense of functions we were giving to grow old together?
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    Statistically, the odds are stacked against the relationship lasting with that big an age difference.  But I don't think it is the age... it is the attitude, behaviors, and beliefs that prevent us from making it work.
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    Angel kleo you have to weigh the immediate feelings to the future challenges which could be minor or major, you never can tell, if you know your now love will be able to carry you through to the end, why not.

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    I think its fine. My parents are 38 years apart and still married 35 years.The only downside is when he gets older, he's not going to be as physically fit- and he will have health issues. Hopefully minor. But then you will end up being his caretaker and the Romance is gone. You guys will develope a different level of love and is very sweet. Hope this helps. Follow what your heart tells you.Good luck.
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    Hey Angel Kleo, have you already married with 36 years older guy?
    I am just really curious about it!
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    The fact that you are asking strangers for permission or affirmation is revealing however, I am not one to judge. I do not know your economic background or personal history. If you were my daughter I would say no way.

    Perhaps he may be able to help you through life. It would simply be a mutually beneficial arrangement.

    I wish you well.
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    Life doesn't come with a handbook. Go with what you feel. :)
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    You might run into problems when you
    get older.
    Your interests and point of view on
    life could change as you mature, not
    that you aren't mature now, but love
    and what people think love is often
    I think it would be important to step
    away from how your heart feels and look
    at some of the realistic factors that
    could easily happen.
    Chances are you will be widowed,and the
    rate of divorce is high with people
    that have such a broad range of age
    Also, would you be ready to take care of
    your man when you were in your 40's and
    50's?? He will be in his 70's and 80's.
    Of course, your relationship could work.
    There are celebrities that marry ones
    they love a lot younger or older.
    Billy Joel pops into my mind.
    However, I would urge you to look at
    the future and what lies ahead before you
    jump into any decisions!
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    I'm not sure what you mean by ok? Two consenting adults certainly have right to do what they feel is right.

    I will say this. You have to prepare yourself for the possible loss of someone you love and cherish.

    I lived with a man for 25 years, he was eleven years older than I was. It was instant attraction and I wouldn't have changed meeting him for the world, but he did die of cancer.

    Ultimately it is up to you. Good-Luck

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