Caribbean Girls Long Distance Relationship

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    So, my family is Jamaican and Cuban but I have lived most of my life in the US.

    Caribbean women are very old fashioned in both good and bad ways. In relationships we tend to be submissive, loyal, and very focused on being good cooks and keeping house well. Also family is very important to us.

    I have been shocked to hear how people perceive Caribbean girls in America. I know that Americans tend to view foreigners based only on stereotypes but I have been particularly surprised by how our culture is viewed.

    Latinas are thought to be "easy" when in fact that is not true. We are very open and adventurous within the bounds of a marriage or serious relationship but I don't think that Latinas are any where near as "modern" as US girls when it comes to casual encounters.

    And Jamaican girls are even more conservative! Don't even think about FWB or such things with girls from Jamaica. One kiss and she starts thinking of you as her boyfriend.

    Among my friends, the American girls are the ones who are most likely to "hook up" with a guy at a bar and then go home with him. They have no problem with dating multiple guys at once, asking for gifts from their dates or arguing with the men who they date.

    Perhaps it is because we tend to dance in "suggestive" ways but reggae, salsa, etc. are just part of our culture. It doesn't mean anything. We dance with family in the same way.

    You wouldn't think of Indian girls as slutty because they expose their midriffs in those saris and you wouldn't think of California girls as slutty for wearing string bikinis, right?

    Just wondering what people think. Men and women are invited to reply.

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    Trinidad and Tobago is in the house and I totally agree

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    Hi i am from barbados. I now joined this site hoping to meet a couple friends
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    im jamaican as well and the things ive heard from some americans has shocked me. even i never thought of jamaican womwn as particularly conservative but in comparison to ameriican women (black/white/hispanic alike) we are actually very prudish and traditional. i didnt even know that we had a stereotype.
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    Not actually colour of your skin, but the content of your heart reveals whom you are.........

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