Blonde Caucasian woman prefers Asian men. An anomaly? Interracial Relationship

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    I have really only dated Asian men for a number of years now. All my friends think I'm strange and I get questions all the time about it. Even Asian men find it strange, which really makes me laugh. I have put some thought into it as well and I wanted to get everyone's thoughts on this.
    Why I feel Asian men are great: they are typically intelligent, educated, have a high sense of integrity, values, character, know how to treat a woman because of the values instilled in them from great parenting, career driven, tend to like the finer things in life but not overly egotistical about it, great family values and very close to their family (typically), more on the quiet side, not as forward and creepy as other races, tend to move slower when dating, loyal, not leeching affectionate to the point where you're annoyed, good at taking the lead when needed but also letting a woman exercise assertiveness and respectful. Not 100% accurate but, for the most part, my experience has led me to these opinions.
    Now, of course, Im not talking about the "FOB" type, Sixteen Candles, Long Duck Dong type...and I hope I'm not offending anyone. But you know what I'm talking about....and you're probably laughing too. Instead, the ones with parents that migrated over or ones with a mix of eastern and western. Too eastern would create too much of a cultural barrier.
    Plus, I just think Asian men are hotter. The dark features, the youthful looks, good genes, etc. granted, it is sometimes hard to find Asian men that are at least my height or taller (5'7"). And I know what you're all thinking....the whole "below the waist" stigma. Lol. Well, I've never been all that hung up on that to begin with and secondly, not all Asian men have issues in that department.
    The difficulty is finding Asian men that are attracted to Caucasian blonde women. But there are a few. Maybe I will meet one on this site. Until then, I remain an anomaly.
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    Juliana,  there is also another big plus.... Mixed children are really beautiful.  All the best with your search.

    I love women like you Julian. I, for one, have been around too many Asian males with being Asian myself, I've lost all type of attraction towards Asian men. I prefer my men white or of another color that isn't yellow like myself. I don't think it's an anomaly, I think it goes both ways though :) In a sense, white or colorful guys are as exotic to me as Asian guys may be to you.


    They will never tell you right off the bat, but a lot of Asian men ARE highly attracted to white women. It's just a traditional stigma that sometimes sets them from talking. I hope this helps! Don't be afraid to pursue :) more than likely, they want you too! -You're gorgeous Julian, I'm sure most Asian males would love you, but are just afraid to admit it.

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    Juliana,  there is also another big plus.... Mixed children are really beautiful.  All the best with your search.
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    We all have our preferences, no big deal.
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    I don't think its unusual.  I have a taiwanese friend and whenever I went to a bar with him, beautiful caucasian women would hit on him all the time.  Now he's married to one.