Has anyone here met a millionaire for real?? Dating Wealthy Men / Women

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    for some reason i think they all are fake here.Or why would a millionaire search a women trough a Dating site.Wont a millionaire already have women lined up waiting to marry him??Just curious,why this way
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    Quoting author:

    Now that you mention it, no I haven't met any women with money of their own

    I have dated several millionaire women in person from this site so far, so I can verify they do exist. One thing to consider of course is the zip code you live in. lol I live in Los Angeles, where there is an abundance of millionaires within a hundred miles of me. I could go to Beverly Hills, literally throw a rock in the air (I don't recommend doing this), and will probably hit a millionaire hahaha where back when I lived in south carolina that may not have been the case...

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    Guess your body isn't that of a 20 Year oid, either.

    Why would a woman with money want to date you?

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    Hi! it would be interesting to share with us how to avoid scamers,because I meet one online and I don’t want this happens the second time.

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    I’m totally agree with you.There are a lot of millionaire but they don’t show it.Why should they do it.If you want to meet this kind of man you must explore,check and find the right way to go with and the most important is to be yourself,not sell a fake image .If you are fake you will meet only fake people,I don’t want to hurt anybody,sorry if I’m wrong understanded but the point is to be positive,to have faith  and the end what is yours...will be.You won’t be dissapointed of one site or another,maybe you are looking in a wrong place.The millionaire man is right beside you,you have to see on him,to discover him.Think about it! wish us all the best!


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    They will.  It gets ugly.  You will end up asking to have the verification removed and may end up having to create a whole new account.

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    Would love a pic

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    Yes I've questioned if there are real people on this site, and I spent my last subscription getting MM to remove all the scammers before I told them to refund my subscription.


    Happily when I got to speak with 1 person who is real, I understood how they became successful, they're bright, conversed, selective, classy, have had lots of failures and successes.


    I hope I get to meet someone one day, been on this site 2 years and haven't met anyone in person yet.  Maybe 2018 will change.


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    Well based on the few comments I've read some have valid points however the question asked was a very good one. But first let me ask what are you doing on this site since you think that's its a hoax? And secondly, from my perspective I think most people don't want to be known based off their financial status as that's what most women are attracted to. Ofcourse there are many more dating sites but everyone also has their preference.

    No, not everything nor everyone on here real, some images possibly are from the internet and so forth but in everything we do in times like these people will have their doubts, key point its to be smart and cautious of what and who you are getting involved with. Another thing that was mentioned in a comment/ response previously is that you must pay attention to the person's verification on their accounts/ profile.

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    eso es porque nunca as amado a ninguna ,  es mejor ser pobre y humilde


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    Hi @Chr1st1na im so sorry about your history. Its very sad a people who is not honest.  I hope you find the love finally. Best regards

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    Now that you mention it, no I haven't met any women with money of their own

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    lets answer some of these comments.  Some are quite interesting- 

    yes there are millionaires here, there is a verification process, I  didn’t bother going through that yet i guess when I do I will get lots more responses , in some ways if someone is so motivated by money inhabe to supply my financial statements its a bit of a turn off. 

    a million dollars is not a lot of money, if its tied up in property or a business someone needs to have about 20 million with a couple of million in cash before they have a “luxury life style”

    as someone else posted millionaires do not go round telling everyone how wealthy they are.   Most women react badly to that as does society as a whole... millionaires do not get jumped on as soon as they get out of their car by a horde of playboy models...   they do not all walk around in designer clothes because they have nothing to prove the guy in jeans and a t-shirt in a michelin star restaurant is fsr more likely to be a millionaire than the guy with the designer suit and rolex. 

    Generally i get way more attention because of the confidence i have , the way i am with my kids or my cute dog then i do with my ferrari or houses, often people are openly hostile about these things ....


    its important in some ways that a man can provide for his family and takes those responsibilities seriouslynbut there are more important things like, health, kids, love in my opinion. 


    Sorry for typos.    Typing on a phone is never easy.    As a social experiment i will probably get verified and see if everyone suddenly starts contacting me.   Should be amusing.    Have fun out there and lets not make too many assumptions :)

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    The internet has become the easiest method to connect to a larger audience in the search for Cupid. Millionaires will absolutely use dating sites to meet women because they are busy making money. The ordinary has more access to women because they can connect easily. But for the wealthy, they have to be extremely careful to choose women who appreciate both their content and the luxury. Most importantly they can choose from a larger network of ladies. 

    They hide behind this platform to date, eventually, it is a dice that will strike its winning post one day- 

    The right woman!

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    I have meet a few millionaire men on this site and highly educated men. But some profile here seem fake.

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    Good for you. I can see that your comment was a long time ago. Have you found nice men on this site?




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    I really enjoyed reading your post. Saying that in other parts of the world multi-millionaire and billionaire do drink champagne but I agree with you the entire value system should take over.

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    Thank you very much for your comment. I completely agree with what you wrote. Being half French and half Italian wealthy man in the continent have a different mentality. Whoever what you say it's true, it's all about sharing similar values. Best of luck 

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    Thank you for being truthful.. most millionaires would not let you know that side of them