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    I was just recently messaged by an individual on this site who was from LA and lived with his daughter. I only messaged him a few times but he seemed "very good looking" and a family man who's wife had died seven years before. He was very interested in IM, so we could get a lot closer. I won't mention how, but I came to realize that he is from Nigeria and works in a cyber cafe....says he is a CHRISTIAN AND FAMILY MAN....... gets very close "falls in love" with women and finds himself and his daughter stranded in Nigeria, where he asks the woman to wire him money to get him home. He may also send a bogus money order and the woman puts it in her bank and wires him the money. Of course, never to be heard from again. This is very common on dating sites and it is important that women and men be cautious about relationships. If money is asked for "please" let it be a red flag and never say that something like this could never happen to me. There are so many scammers and they do it well. We must all be careful of this. If anyone has any comments about this or if they have had an experience please let everyone know. It may seem embarrassing but......we are all human and most of us are looking for someone special in our lives.
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    I would say that I've apparently been lucky not to come across these scammers( thank god) but instead I seem to attract men with somewhat psychopathic tendencies, those are the most dangerous ones.

    If in any help, I look for transparency in the ones I connect with, how easy or willing they give up identity information, google there names, look for verified logo in here exc. but be still aware that some men steal public figures identity, so ask for Skype meeting, also get them on Facebook perhaps.

    Verification is easily faked. I can think of a fool proof way to do it using a ********* ****** and also ***** (Ive blanked out the names so as not to give anyone any ideas). Im like a bloody scammer magnet! :(

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    I would say that I've apparently been lucky not to come across these scammers( thank god) but instead I seem to attract men with somewhat psychopathic tendencies, those are the most dangerous ones.

    If in any help, I look for transparency in the ones I connect with, how easy or willing they give up identity information, google there names, look for verified logo in here exc. but be still aware that some men steal public figures identity, so ask for Skype meeting, also get them on Facebook perhaps.

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    unfortunately thats one of the hazzards of the internet

    its sad but true...we can only live and learn and hope we see through

    the lies sooner than later

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    BlueEyes & Zibeline, I understand it must be frustrating to deal with. However, There are some men here who are Genuine in their search for beautiful loving women like you both seem. I can also assure us men go through the same thing as the women do. I get emails and winks from beautiful women ranging from 20 to 30 years younger than me. Trust me when I tell you, I have 0 interest in a women my kids age.


    So as we all sift through the profiles searching for our match, please try to stay positive.  There is a genuine and loving man just as eager as you are to fall in love and live a great life from now on.

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    all the men that i have met are liars!!! they all lie about their age for sure...theya re all looking to pull one over on us women!!!!  Many are looking for us girls that live in warm climates so that they cn have free travels and escape their miserable lives in the cold...they r looking for an easy cost free vacation and a woman to go with it!!!!  Beware!!!!!

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    Every time I see a profile with a very handsome man who is a widower, I am careful.  I was, too, contacted by a couple of these scammers that asked me to go on IM and after almost immediately proclaiming their love for me.  I asked one guy to chat with me on FB and he got blocked within 1 day so that is a sign, too, that he was on the black list.  I found one picture under several profiles, too.  Another indication is that they are not looking for a specific type of woman and that their profile shows the sentences ending with a period with an "i" following without a space and not in caps.  Usually, the headline has spelling or grammatical errors in it but the profile sounds almost too perfect or very romantic.
    I hope this helps catching "a preditor before he strikes" :-)
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    Something needs to be done about the Scammers. Legal eagle 1219 is most definitely a scammer! Not a lawyer by any stretch of the imagination. He says he owns a health care company and practices law. He does marketing ( or did, he is gone) for a healthcare company. Lives in a furnished rental and I believe he is married. I was only interested in him professionally. If he is this dishonest on a professional level, I can only imagine what he is like romantically.
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    I think this dating site should make a few changes in order to prepare men/women for the scammers out there.  As part of joining this site a window should pop up with all the signs of spotting a scammer.  The MMCounselor has posted a very detailed blog on how to spot them......a must read for everyone!!!
    You will find scammers on ALL dating sites but MM is really good at removing them once reported.   Listen to your gut......if it is too good to be true it is NOT.
    Sometimes you just need to weed out the scum to find the good so do not give up hope of finding that special person in your life.
    Sharing your experiences is a good way to teach safe my friends and welcome to the forums.
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    I can't understand why are you sending money to people and don't ask them:why you don't go at the bank and ask for a credit card?
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    I am also considering terminating my membership. I don't have time to worry about being taken in by someone so unless I can figure out a sure, fail proof way of knowing someone is legit, I think I will throw in the towel.

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    I think you are not right, it has nothing to do with whether you have money or not, because they always ask for small amounts, 1000€ 1500€ (I am from Europe), amounts that every one can afford. In my opinion, they are easy to detect. As someone already said, do not send money to anyone you don't know.

    Would you dare to borrow money from someone you've known online for a few days?
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    Quoting author:

    OMG!  the same guy contacted me, only he had a son and asked for money since he could not pay his hotel bill after purchasing "antiques" for his store in Texas!  Cyber dating is scary and I am tired of all the BS when I am honest and sincere about meeting someone!

    Hi Smileblondie,
    I just viewed your profile with curiosity, why this scammer contacted you. You are like me “Less than $150,000”. But differences are; your education is higher and your occupation is better about you. Education and occupation on My Match / Friend - An Outline is limited and with higher level. And you stated “ I enjoy traveling to new and different places. I have traveled throughout the USA, abroad to Italy and France, Aruba and bareboated a sailboat in the Virgin Islands which was the best vacation ever! “ on about me. These make me think that you have money. Maybe that’s why he contacted you. Sorry, this is just my opinion.
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    Hello my sweet Thomas,

    How are you doing and how is everything going on at the moment and hope all has been going on fine with you there lately, am glad to read from you again, how has work been going on there, i miss you and i wished we could be together someday soon, my dear please i don't know how you might feel  about this if you'll be willing to assist me with some little bucks at the moment Collins suddenly develop a little sickness couple of nights ago and since then its been developing to something bigger, first i thought it was a little flu or something but now needed to be admitted in the hospital for proper treatment and i know know if you can kindly assist me with about 300 pounds, I remain grateful and glad if you can give your supporting hands at the moment and please don't feel abit discourage that am asking you for help without even meeting yet, kindly get back to me as soon as possible.

    Your Sweet Angel,


    this is an actual letter I got from a woman in the UK I have been emailing with for a few weeks. This is email#6/7. Right on time asking for money. 300pounds is what $500US ??

    Posted for a example of a small time scammer.


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    I've been the target of many a scammer within the past two months.   Women from Russia are getting my "e' address and sending me love notes. I had a girl or two from Somalia, posing as a deposed princess or daughter of a deceased government official filling my inbox with nonsense.  So far on this site I haven't been accosted by young women looking for an easy scam but since you have been hit upon; I guess it's only a matter of time before they find me.


    When you're on the internet; unfortunately you have to take the good with the bad.  I'm sorry that a scammer found you.

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    Dear all,

    yes, there are many frogs and a prince is hard to find.

    Thank you fifficus for your good advice! In the meantime the site is closed, I just saw it  :-)

    Since October I started here and I had contact to 10 fakes I found out. The best fake was a guy who wrote me with two nicks. That happend last month. Pretended I received mails of two different guys. Unfortunately this "two different" guys have sent me the same emails and I was taken aback. I reported it to the support of MillionaireMatch. He got fired.

    So, be careful, this kind of people got great phantasy. I guess, they are only sick playing with people in this way. Poor creatures!

    My advice: Don't tell to much privat or nothing about "feelings" in the first mails!! And if you got a suspicion, don't be shy and report it to MillionaireMatch. This is the only way to stop this people!

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    This scam has been going on for about 10 years and I am surprised that this site has allowed it to continue.

    I lived in Africa and if you ever saw the living conditions of Nigeria, you'd understand why they want out!

    But in the meantime, I am so glad that no one has fallen for this.




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    I was approached by a lady just two days ago. All of you on this thread are on the right track. Her "blond" picture just didn't "fit" her language. Her profile said she lived 6 miles from me. When I asked to meet down the street and she replied with I'm in "West Africa," my mental alarm system immediately went off and I reported her. MM replied the next day she was off the site.

    BTW...I'm an ex IT guy, 18 years worth. When someone wants to start IMing you from another provider right away (Yahoo, MSN, etc. etc) BEWARE. There are ways to "tunnel" into your PC and either start some identity theft on you or use your PC as a zombie (use your PC to be a server and send out spam)

    Not trying to push panic buttons, but as always, use your best judgement.

    "When it's to good to be true, it probably isn't true, right?"..... :-)




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    Just a few words on scams, false profiles and controls. It seems the problem is not just here on this site, but also on others such as meetic. I am not a native English speaker, but some of those profiles read so funny, are plenty of spelling and grammatical errors and the descriptions are repeated in several profiles. If the webmasters do not find any appropriate tool just to analyse and eliminate the false profiles, I am afraid that members will become less and less. Not everyone of us is able to detect immediately those scams, but after the exchange of some emails, it becomes mostly evident and before all when those "nice" gentlemen (I assume that also men do complain about being approached by female scammers) ask you for ..... money. Best regards from old Germany - Liette

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    Thank -you for the site I'm still searching but cautious maybe sitting at home reading and hanging out with my dogs isn't so borning after all.