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    Just would like some great ideas on how to get rich quick!! does it exist? I am a widow of 2 and would really love some inside advice from some self made millionaires, entrepenuers, anyone that has made it happen!!! Now that I am a widow it is really realy hard to make ends meet!! any real advice would be so great!!!
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    Well I can’t speak for everyone but, a sure fire way not to get rich is sucking up to the boss.    We loath it.  Speak your mind are grow a backbone.  That,  usually increases your odds substantially.  Or just follow @ intelligentGIRL’s advice,  just marry into it.  Haaah!







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    Or, if you are the lazy type just marry into it.  It’s much easier for woman than men.  That’s usually the quickest way I can think of.  But, I’m being sarcastic.

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    Every wealthy person I have ever met, had four things:


    1) Luck.   Anyone ever tell you differently is lying.   Or too stupid to realize that being born intelligent, to a family not living in a war zone, in an area without lead in the water was luck, not skill.  Some people had more luck than others, but every single wealthy person got lucky in some way shape or form - including me. 


    2) Hard work.  No matter how lucky you are, if you don't work hard, you will lose the wealth.  Just look at the number of , shall we call them "lucky fools" that won the lottery and 3 years later had lost all that extra wealth (70%).


    3)  Talent.  An edge.  Something that you are better at than most other people.


    4)  Be more interested in making money/working than in spending money.   I don't care how much money you make, if you spend more than you make, you will never be wealthy.   Way too many people try to keep up with the joneses.  Don't do that.  Live poorer than you can.  If your disposable income is 100k, try living on 70k.  Lots of people make do on 50k, no reason you can't live on 70.  Most specifically that means that live in a smaller house than you can afford - unless you rent out the extra room.  Buy a used car that you can afford to replace, not a nice car you can't.



    That was my secret.  Worked out pretty well for me.

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    Contrary to the mantra there is no get rich quick method...there most certainly is.  If you have between 20k-50k starting capital, I can show you trading techniques that will double, triple or quadruple your account in 3 months


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    There is no getting rich quick without a lot of trouble following it.
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    I always was focused on getting the best education. I have a master's in finance. But discipline didn't help me in anything. I recommend a multiple streams of income. Quick money is a terrible headache. D you have any talent?
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    Education my dear, education, first and foremost! Get a Masters in finance and be an example and role model for your children! 

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    rarely does a person get rich quick.... the chances are slim. In most cases people can build wealth through discipline and consistency - that is my process of wealth building. just about anyone can obtain millionaire status by being frugal and diligent. I have a 6 figure salary as a single mom that literally had nothin 7 years ago. Now I am cutting back, paying off debt and changing my mindset to obtain multiple streams of can do it too :)