What is the most daring thing you've ever done while in a different country? Action and Adventure

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    i got my hair cut...
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    While in Iraq I was part of the mission that killed the sons of hussein
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    Took this pic too.

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  • View author's info Posted on Nov 19, 2007 at 05:16 AM

    Diving with sharks off the coast of Roatan, Honduras. I took this pic.

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    Are you saying that the ladies on 360 have put out a hit contract on me??

    Come join us.
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    Is this our PeggySue from long ago? If so, where have you been?
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    When I went to college in Switzerland we would go to the fire department and steal their old wooden wagon, with metal wheels. Of course we would be ripped. Drag it around downtown all night with us, and then just leave it. The fire department would get their cart back, and the next weekend, we'd do it again. This went on for a few months actually until we arrived one day to take our wagon out with us and it was locked up.
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    I spoke Berlinish in Bavaria.

    Wore NO bra in U.S.A.

    Went into the Atlantic Ocean on Long Islands Beach with only a T-shirt, and couldn-t quite grab, why the kids all stared at me, when I came back out the water. Didn-t until then have any idea of Americas prudeness. Oh boy.
    Another time, I was asking some firends in N.Y.C. for a mixed sauna. Oh man, did they look at me. Oh gosh. I was talking sauna, they were thinking orgy. Au weia.
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    I honestly love to travel, though due to complications in my life, and what may happen I cannot go anywhere often. So, due to my lack of traveling to other countries very often, I have a lack of dangerous situations that I can be put into. I am guessing that the most daring, and the most stupid thing that I have ever done, was after a meeting with several associates, got a bit drunk, and took on a bet to ride from point A to B on my bicycle with a steak in my backpack on Vancouver Island. If you know anything about that area, you may know that it accounts for a little over 40% of all cougar attacks in North America, making it quite dangerous to be out at night, especially with any meat. I probably could have been killed, maimed, or otherwise hurt, and I recognize it was probably not the smartest decision of my life, but I made it through unscathed.
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    I'd have to say that the most daring thing was standing next to a Silverback gorilla in the jungle of the Congo. This was during a month long trip in Africa and it was the most surreal, frightening and eye-opening experience I have ever had. Nothing like being right next to nature while you out in the true wild of the world!

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  • View author's info Posted on Nov 28, 2006 at 01:59 PM

    I have been to Babylon dozens of times,interesting place. What was most daring thing I did there? well...being a regular I had to kiss the head of security each time going in and again on the way out.....Funny trying to be sincere when your team mates are saying the obvious stuff over the radio into your earpiece!

    I was kidnapped in Zimbabwae! yip...
    My escape was rather daring.
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    Well I just got back from paris and went on this ride their with my friend. We were head locked and strapped into this seat in a cage and sling shot in the air. One second you were upside down, next the right way up flipping in the air. Was verrry scary. However, I would do it again.

    sarah :-)

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    Spent a week on a nude beach... ;)
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    Well, I did the expected while in Amsterdam, so that's not really very daring! How about a late night train from Copenhagen to Prague for the weekend. Didn't sleep on the train because of muggers that use knock out gas in your little compartment if you are sleeping, stayed in youth hostel that had bathroom facilities WORSE than what I found in rural Africa, got around in a country where very little English is spoken just fine thank you! With a good map and your head on your shoulders you can really have a good time abroad! And managed to get back to DK in time to work Monday am! LOL That was one of my favorite European memories because it felt rather adventuresome. Prague is awesome, a really great city to visit.
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    I'm not sure this is considered 'daring' - I just did it. I lived in Germany and my company had a good relationship with 'Cargolux' a Freight Airline. I managed to get a cheap roundtrip ticket to Hongkong. I Took a train to luxemburg and by the time I got to the airport it was late at night. They locked the terminal, but let a bunch of people roll out their sleeping bags outside the doors, while we where waiting for our morning flights. I flew from luximburg to Hongkong and spent a few days there, staing at the YMCA. THen I got a cheap flight to Manila. From there I took the bus to the next port and the ferry to the next island. On the ferry I met a lady who was renting out cottages on the beach on the next island. Sounded great to me. Cost me about $ 5/day for cottage and food. I stayed for 3 weeks. It was awesome. Right on the beach in the tropics. They had a pet monkey, which I kept carrying around with me on one shoulder. Lots of other europeans stayed in different cottages. A little village 1-hour walk away, where we could buy things.
    I took several more trips to the Phillippines an Thailand after that. Just 'winging it'. The best way to travel!
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    I sailed across the Atlantic Grey, landed in a country kinda funny, but it was nice and sunny, and the girls were a muny, lol I said hey Sweetie am i in Tahiti, 'No Mates' Your in the States. Cor Blimey I'm a Limey, now I'm in the Briney.
    I came with a little and have gained a lot, so what was scary and very Dary, has turned out to be a Story, Fairy.
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    When I was 17 I went to Moscow Russia on a studytrip.
    It was very cold, I was on my way back to the hotel and I followed a girl from the group I was with. She was wearing a big grey furry hat, so that's what I focused on. After a while I discovered that the lady who was wearing the hat, wasn't the girl of my group. I was kinda lost but managed to find my way back to the right subway station. But the way back to the hotel I couldnt remember. It was dark, cold and I was looking for someone to help me in the right direction. I had a card from the hotel, so with that lil card in hand I tried to find someone who spoke English.
    I asked a passing man to help me, pointed at the card and threw my hands in the air. He looked at me very strangely... said something like No No Njet and moved on. Same reaction from about 3 more guys. The first lady I stopped helped me and even brought me back to my hotel. Her English was perfect and explained to me that all the men prolly thought I was asking them to come back to the hotel with me!
    I think I was very lucky no guy took me up on my presumed offer!