What is the most adventureous thing you have ever done? Action and Adventure

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    There are so many things.
    Tell me yours.
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    Worked on international development projects in South America for 4 months sleeping in a hammock in the jungle.  When transiting to another location had to get up at 3 am and paddle down the tributary of the Amazon pushing floating islands away.  The waters were infested in anacondas, piranhas, alligators and everything else.


    I would do that again any day.

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    Skydiving so far 

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    OK.  I have a lot of choices.  I'm a pretty adventurous guy.  Glassblowing, flying a tiny airplane (just one lesson), multiple different circus classes, travelling to Argentina by my lonesome, dogsledding, ski-biking, indoor skydiving. 


    But I'd say the most adventurous thing I have ever done is when I locked myself out of my 4th floor apartment.  At that time in my life I was young, broke, and way too  overconfident.  So I walked up to the roof, climbed down the fire escape to my window.  Then, hanging on to the cable wire, I  raised the window that my air conditioner was fit into - NEXT to the fire escape, not by it, and climbed through over the air conditioner.  It moved while I was doing this.  At least one screw gave way.


    By all rights I should be dead.   All to save $10 to have a locksmith pick my lock.

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    I walked the streets of Detroit late at night.

    PS I was usually with a friend.
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    Believe it or not but once upon a time in Africa i (17) went into this remote jungle and was attacked by monkey's, i ran as fast as i could and after an hour or so i got lost. It turning night and i went into this cave covered with plants and spend the whole night not being able to sleep because of the danger, at that moment all i could think about was to avoid being bitten by venomous snakes. The morning came and i could see the sunbeams shining through the jungle trees, i was hungry for food and thirsty for water, very thirsty actualy but too scared to eat or drink any kind of edible thing because i did not know what the effect would do to my mind or body of all those unknown source of plants/flowers.
    I thought i was going to die that day but when everything seemed like it couldn't get any worse it did..  i was face to face with 2 black panthers, there was no time to pray i froze and all i could think about was why went to Africa for vacation when i could be enjoying a milkshake in Italy surrounded with adorable women.
    Luckliy for me a group of activist showed up and scared the panthers away.. at that moment i was one of the happiest man on earth.
    Now 10 years later (27) i'm alive and going for a trip to USA to enjoy the good food, the nice weather and good looking women.
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    Few in a vintage fighter prop plane and did mock dog fight with another plane, then did some air acrobats. Was very scary,exciting and will probably never do it again.