What is the craziest thing you have ever done for love? Action and Adventure

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    "What is the craziest thing you have ever done for love?"

    Like Robert Burns' "Tam O'Shanter", this is also a cautionary tale about the evils of drink. Now read on...

    Quite a few years ago, I had an "ex" who was a keen rock-climber. At the time, I suffered from extreme vertigo, so when she had asked me to go climbing I had always said "no". However, one evening in the pub, when I had had far, far, too many beers, she asked if I wanted to go climbing the next day and of course (in a moment of infatuated weakness) I said "No problem!".

    The following day found me on a rope up a 500' climb in North Wales, coping (just about) and trying not to look down - and then my feet slipped. I only went about 6 inches before the rope stopped me. After that I had a lot of confidence in the whole proceeding.

    The episode also cured my fear of heights (or at least made it more pragmatic): once you have experienced a 500' or a 2000' sheer drop below you, 10 or 20 feet is nothing.

    The other aftermaths: well, I'm a lot more restrained in what I drink these days!

    As a more serious comment, in later years (when I had two falls that were an awful lot further than 6") I realised that Dame Fortune only rolls out so much luck, which is why I don't do serious climbing any more.
    I'm sensible enough to quit whilst I'm ahead.
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    The craziest i've ever done for love must have been when i was 16.
    I sold all my stuff, and bought a plane ticket to Brussels, Belgium and ran away from home.
    To live with an crazy artist i met one night in stockholm, we had only spent 6 hours together. But We lived happily and in love for 4 months, before i got tired of him and had to call my mother and beg her to pay my plane-ticket back to sweden =)
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    I brought a guy from Uzbeckistan over to thailand where I was working as a dive instructor. Maybe he loved me too but it ended up costing a lot of money and heartbreak. Still I am glad I took the chance and his life is now better because of it. We are still friends so that is what counts.
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    Well this probaley sounds a little weird, and I can't really believe I did it myself, but at my karate class I tryed to break a brick and ended up with scratches on both my foot and wrist.
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    Got married
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    Hi Everyone!

    Hey Big Boz Ma'am Sweetie,

    That Alligator pic is sure one good one darling. Where did you ever get that one at? BTW- I see your ol friend AR Redneck is back, lol. Wanna go have some fun? He blew up his still making another batch of shine. See ya there cutie! Talk to ya soon.
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    sometimes when I'm trying to get a break in dense traffic
    I'll pull out and make calculations rather pronto to blend in with the flow
    being good at it I usually find the flow w/o interrupting anyone's speed or needing them to brake
    but when I get in lane invariably a car will increase speed and pass me just because
    I "cut" in front of them
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    Hi there

    When I was home in January a friend was helping me with a medical problem, which he helped me sort out in Durban, while he lives in another Province.

    Then he just kept call and realised he was 'chatting me up' - a very nice surprise.....anyway I returned to the UK and he kept calling.

    Then he said 'lets go to Paris and I have some talks in London, so we'll go there afterwards'

    I always stay in a very nice hotel in London, so I arranged a dinner with a 4 string quartet. The staff were fantastic and very excited, as they know me very well.

    So - it was all set up in another room - I just said 'Keep Tuesday Night Free!!'

    Well, he was so surprised - speechless in fact and that is a first for him - it was beautiful evening.

    I wore a ballgown and he wore his tux....
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    This is about as crazy as it gets!

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    lets see my ex told me to get a place for me and her and i did but me being nice i put her name on the papers well i now live with parents tell i can get a place of my own when i can go back to work when the doctors let or lust was it don't know but i gave it my all and that is what counts i think
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    "What is the craziest thing you have ever done for love"

    Bunjee jumping..

    I never really liked my ex-bf's hobby(bunjee jumping) but when he passed away due to lung cancer, I jumped once for him. I was totally scared but I have overcomed it for love.
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    "What is the craziest thing you have ever done for love"

    Got married!

    Stayed that way for 16 years before she past away. But I am still the eternall optimist similar to Inspiration2005...

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    dam i think i am in love will u make me dinner lol
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    Gave up my entire life in one state and moved to another on other side of state for a man I loved for over 10 year...this did not last though due he was PSYCHO

    Think I am now becoming "a fine" sweet maybe a bit fruity LOL "wine"... Divorce didn't even turn me bitter ;)

    And sorry wow musashi_flex is very hot :)
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    The craziest thing I've ever done for love? Stay in a DOOMED RELATIONSHIP because I was "in love!!!!!!" BLEAH!
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    maayan write:

    Have I ever failed you my darling? Or would you rather have me repeat HERE what Bonnie and I just shared?

    lol...the Columbus party started here in Singapore...I think discretion is the better part of valour...I prefer to observe legal secrecy..
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    Cub39 write:
    look what I started.
    and I wasn't even around last week!
    funny stuff.

    Bon-Bon will carry on,
    saying much more from Singapore.

    Me neither..I m suppose to be out of site...and I find myself being mentioned in threads where I have not even left any the Singapore girl can't even take a decent rest without creating a a bon-bon girl to Cub...I might just start a jealousy war here inadvertently!! ..Cub you will sure be a topic of our lunch or tea when Maayan and I meet!!
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    babydol write:
    are we talking about LOVE here or lust??? should I start a new thread??? I'm sure that one will be fun also...and that the answers will be VERY different :O)


    Excellent thread to start...Love or Lust and how we could ever distinguish the two, infatuation too...
    Love endures the good and the bad...lust is just physical , sexual gratification and sometimes it is good enough and might just endure and be the glue in an
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    wwwww123 write:

    Liqourice is too soft. More like a jawbreaker.-- that hard rock candy.

    OH, but it is still sweet, just like you bon bon.


    coming from u that a backhanded compliment or a dig at my jawbreaking punches? personally I have never liked candy and that kept my perfect set of teeth cavity-free and dentists out of business..
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    Bonnie88 write:

    Liqourice is too soft. More like a jawbreaker.-- that hard rock candy.

    OH, but it is still sweet, just like you bon bon.