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    Los Angeles · $285 per person

    Pre-Flight Training

    This is a same day event where the instructor manages the safety and the student gets to enjoy the amazing experience of soaring in a hang glider first hand. Get to know your fellow pilots as you spend some time becoming familiar with the glider. The instructor will manage the takeoff and landing, but in the air (with the instructors supervision) the student pilot can take control of the glider.

    Take Flight

    As a first step in learning to fly solo experience a tandem flight in a Hang Glider built for two. Your tandem soaring flight will take place in the San Bernardino National Forest as we foot launch from the mountains overlooking Southern California. The views from your flight will be breathtaking! Actual flight time will vary anywhere from 20 to 50 minutes. **This is a weather dependent sport.

    Post Flight Social Hour

    Time to "break down" the glider. Watch people fly and land. Meet the other pilots that you just spent the last 25 minutes in the air with. Enjoy their story's. Kick back with a cold bottle of water. The number of people in the air on any given day is dependent on weather, time of the year, day of the week. and time of day. Weekend evenings in the spring and summer are the busiest.

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