Disco Queen in Los Angeles High End Experiences

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    Los Angeles · Glam and gorge with the party queen. $299 per person

    Dinner Party With Courtney's Clan

    We'll join an intimate food and drink gathering among my most fascinating, polyester-drenched, shag carpet-loving, martini-guzzling friends. We'll fully immerse ourselves in the campy yet refined soirees redefined by my outlandish entourage.

    Explore Bizarro LA Landmarks

    We'll explore campy, offbeat, kitschy, and bizarro Los Angeles landmarks. Each location quirkier than the last, this is the borderline-tacky LA that eludes the glitz and glam of Hollywood. We'll play backstage with puppets at Bob Baker Marionette Theater, dig through velvet art archives at Velveteria, binge on French dips on a sawdust floor, and feast on LA's colorful eccentricities.

    Party From Dusk 'Till Dawn

    Outsiders think Los Angeles has a 2 a.m. last call. Insiders know that 2 a.m. is just the beginning. Allow me to guide you to back-alley warehouse parties, invite-only dance marathons, or my own party, Disco Dining Club. We'll meet the DJs, curators, set designers, and hosts that I collaborate with on deliciously devious late-night romps.

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