Why is the world so damn greedy? Dating Wealthy Men / Women Forward to friends

  • View author's info Author Posted on Jul 16, 2017 at 05:24 PM

    Mostly all people care about is money. I've seen a million girls on here that want a man that makes 1mil+ net worth that don't give a shit about you. It could be any guy. Noone dates for love, just for sex and cash. The world is so messed up. You have guys using women also by manipulating them to do whatever they desire with money. Self respect thrown out the window to live more lavishly. LOL for what 30 years till your old and your like money doesnt matter, and now im stuck with this shitty person. Boom Divorce.... So many fake ass people out there its honestly sad. I make shitty money but i still live life to the fullest. I could never succumb to being such a ****bag to use people. I came on this site because I wanted to see the kind of people posting on here. I'm not wealthy but I consider myself to be one of the richest men in the world due to having my little girl. Why have people become so shallow and self centered. It really throws me through a loop to try and get in the mindset of some of these profiles. I speak from my heart and I will never change. To the people that are real and in it for the love, I salute you and you are more valuable then any amount of money anyone has.  

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