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    Hi All,



    I am new to this dating game at a mature age, this would probably apply to all females at all ages.


    I would love to get some real honest insight, especialy from the male community what is the deal breaker when choosing a serious partner to settle down with?


    Look forward to any comments.


    Charlie xx






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    I think, Charlie, most important is the openness to taking risks and the willingness to be vulnerable to allow love into the relationship. Everything else pales in comparison. So be your lovely self and go into it with a sense of adventure and promise.

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    Hi Charlie, interesting question but there I do not believe there is one simple answer.  This really depends on each individual.  Honesty is likely one common denominator, but I expect that in all of my relationships, intimate, family, or my group of friends.


    For an intimate relationship, I would expect more on top of that, and to each his own.  I think the real trick is paying attention to your significant other, understanding what their needs are, and doing your best to fulfill those, not because you need to, but because you want to.

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    hi everyone yes your right charlie always true that in relationships "HONESTY IS BEST POLICY "

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    Thank you for your replies,


    Interesting and all very logical, I suppose normal for the traditional types.

    Lucky I am :-)


    Hugs xx

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    Hi Miss C, it varies from guy to guy, wealthy to rich etc, up bring, education, race etc. 


     But for most men it will be how you treat him, how you conduct yourself, men don't like ladies that find other men attractive when they are together,  we know some ladies go wow wow ooh ooh when we are not around but not when we are together. 


     Me personally I lkie a lady that keeps up with my needs, example: when I am working hard around the house don't ask me if I am thirsty or hungry,  fix my favorite beverage and snack bring it to me then go shopping or join me. We love to be complemented even when we fail, lift your man up at all times.  No man likes a nagging mate, and we love it when our mate see that look in our eyes for some hot romantic intimacy,  and don't run from it but run to it and turn it up a notch.


     Yes there are many many more needs but it would be a novel if we put it all here, and possibly a 10 volume set of commentary etc.  


     So enjoy be sweet,  good luck,  yours truly Mr. Born1top ,love and peace. 

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    Welcome Charlie, enjoy your time while here.


    Honesty is a prime prerequisite regarding the foundation/building  of any relationship, whether that be platonic or on an intimate level.  If you can't trust somebody at their word, you are doomed from day 1 If they are not honest with you, it covers a multitude of sins :-)