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    hi to all who read this. Anyone in here to chat to? Trying to figure out this site! Come and say hi :)
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    I am new here I have signed up I think for over six or close to eight months but I never really gave it much attention.Anyway i have been browsing through and I have read through your introduction and very interesting profile I like that natural feel of your arguement it has what I can only describe as organic characteristics. You seem to be the sort of person that appreciates nature , life, and appreciative of the feelings of others , your love of animals and outdoors is just what i would love to srart exploring and enjoying precious moments of quality valued time with someone like you who expressly has warm caring life and its beauty .Definitely I am zealous of meeting you, there are very few people who share this philosophy and I am so happy that I have found someone of at least the same thoughts and similar interests. I am not afraid of life and its challenges. I am starting University in September I was just offered a place inSeptember to do Drama. I really look forward to corresponding with you soon.
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    Hay I am most probably to late but yes there is someone here to chat to. me .