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    Now as im from England when I say I love football, i mean I LOVE football, none of this American throwing the ball around stuff, I actually mean the beautifull game! I pretty much enjoy all sports, i grew up being more of a tomboy and still enjoy keeping fit through playing various sports, including, running, basketball, hockey, tennis, squash and footy obviously :-)


    Im just having a hard time understanding why guys seem to look past my love of sport like im some sort of weirdo? Is it to much to ask to find a guy that i can go to a game with and share my passion, instead of just thinking all girls should be in the kitchen???


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    👊🏻👊🏻 I work in pro boxing as a matchmaker/booking agent, rep/booking agent for a number of retired Champions and Legends of boxing, and have a number of other boxing endeavors in the works. Anyone looking for sponsorship/advertising 

    opportubities, let me know.


    ⚾️ I love baseball and worked for my cousin's pro baseball team long ago, kept stats in high school, dated and remained friends with a long time director of baseball operations and scouting for the Cubs, so was lucky to get tickets to some great Cubs games. 


    ❄️ Loved going to hockey games (my grown son's father was a pro hockey player and is a long time coach). 


    🏀 I've always loved basketball. My first love played basketball in high school, and while I went to a different high school, I loved going to his games and chearing him and his team on. I just never understood at first why they kept chanting BOO at one of my favorite players! Turned out it was the high school basketball player, turned Harlem Globetrotter's nickname!


    🏉 Football is the sport that I understood the least, but still loved. Super Bowl games/parties are always fun (especially the food lol) but being a Bud Girl making appearances from bar to bar for the Bud Bowl was my most memorable highlight.  As was winning tickets to a Chicago Bears game that I had won for being top salesman. 

    Speaking of the Bears, I'm also now a booking agent for a retired Bears cornerback that played 8 seasons with the Bears, and then Pittsburgh and NC. 

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    I am that women who love live for and love sports. I play tennis 4 days a week and look forward 

    to football season. Basketball is enjoyable to me as we'll..

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    Well, then there are some messed up men on that side of the pond. You're young and beautiful, and i'd have no problem bringing you to a football match. I wish I was 20 years younger.