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    Calling all New Yorker's and other Big A enthusiasts!

    In January, I will be traveling to the Big Apple! I have a conference there and would like to maximize the time I have free to explore. When I travel I love exploring all the area has to offer! I enjoy dinning (fine or that little spot that only the locals know about and is a place one should not miss), sites with breath taking views, the busy spots along with the quiet ones. Basically, I love it ALL so please, share with me place I should not miss, along with places it maybe wise to avoid. Thanks!

    Best wishes,

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    i've been to nyc twice, and both times i went to serendipity3. the icecream is fabulous, although the serving sizes are so big, make sure you're not wearing anything too tight BEFORE you go in! The strawberry feilds sundae is awesome and the frrrozen hot chocolate is something you have to try. plus the giftshop (although in an awkward place) has alot of great stuff in it- i bought the greatest cookbook there and have make almost everything in it so far. have a good trip, and if you've already gone, hope you had a good time!
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    I just got back from New York and its one of my favorite cities. If you are their on business at night I would go to Greenwhich village for dinner, an d then maybe see the view from the top of the Empire State Building, its really amazing. I also suggest just walking up and down 5th Avenue, there is so much to see. There is St. Patricks Cathedral, Trump Tower, Rockefeller Center and so much more. I would definetly get a map and try to make sure you do al the things you want to do in the same parts of town. You can see a lot in a couple of days.

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    Start around Penn Station (34th/7th) and walk over to 5th Avenue. Walk up along Central ParK, Museum Mile..around 50th you'll see the Plaza, Trump Tower..The Met is my favorite, go to the Egyptian reflecting pool! Godiva, FAO Schwartz, what fun!!!
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    Hey Class! I can sense your excitement and being a New Yorker myself, I am more than happy to offer a few suggestions.

    Theater - Broadway or off-off Broadway?
    oobr dott kom has a list of all current and upcoming off-off broadway shows. oobr stands for Off-Off Broadway Review.


    MOMA - Musuem Of Modern Art is located on 11 West 53rd Street. Their site is moma dott org.

    Metroplitan Museum of Art aka the MET is located on 5th Avenue at 82nd Street. Their site is metmuseum dott org.


    Too many to name, but what kind of foods do you like? If you'll be here with friends and like sports there's always ESPN Zone in Times Square. It's lively and fun.

    I can give you more eatery recs later I'm a little pressed for time right now.

    You'll have sooooooo much fun and I'll get back to you with some other recommendations...gotta go

    Take care!
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    Go to as many museums as you can.
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    Thanks, for your responce. I am hopping more will add their thoughts and ideas. I love museums, culture, as far as food I am up for anything may it be fine dinning or a small cafe that is quaint.

    There is a correction of the time I will be in NY. I actually will be traveling middle to end of March. My obligations are for two days. I then plan on a minimal of two extra days.

    I would just love any ideas anyone is willing to share.

    Champ... thanks again!
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    I was just there for a couple days on a stopover after my trip to Africa. There are soooooo many things to do, you might want to be a bit more specific w/ your interests. What type of food, what type of activities? I went to a great Sushi restaurant in the East Village called Ginger. The East Village is nice for a variety of bars, restaurants etc. I would also recommend the MOMA (museum of modern art) if you are into museums at all. Take a walk through Central Park and go for a skate if it's not too cold ;-). It also depends on how much time you will have to see the sights but I'm sure others who are more NYC savy will add some recommendations. Enjoy your travels.