Suggestions on traveling alone? Sports and Travel

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    I want to take a trip by myself, but I have no idea where to go! I would like it to be outside the United States, relatively safe  and with enough to explore but with options for places to go and relax. I understand there are some risks in traveling alone, but it’s an experience I would like to have. With others, I’ve been to Germany, Paris, and Belize. Any suggestions?
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    The best trips I have been to are:


    Buenos Aires, Argentina - it was very cheap: 1/3 pricing.  Not sure if it is still that cheap.  This trip is for people that like city travel.  You see tango shows, shop for leather, go dancing.  Or you can head to to gignatic waterfall in the north. 


    Safari in Tanzania.  Shot tons of "film".  Beautiful place, animals in nature, good range of expensive-to-cheap offerings.  If you like camping, this is the ultimate camping trip.


    Nice, Frances.  French Rivierea, swimming, shopping, lots of touristy stuff to do.   This is a good europe/beach combo trip.





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    Well, when it comes to traveling alone i could certainly try and be of assistance. I'm not sure if you have ever been to the middle east, but as a woman by yourself Dubai may be an option. English is widely spoken, public transport have special "woman only" sections. e.g Pink taxis driven by woman for woman, a separate coach for woman in the metro etc. You can lounge by the pool in a luxurious resort one day, and go into the desert on camel back the next, spending your evening watching belly dancers and eating arabic barbecue. Avoid during their summer months though! That's just one option, then you also have Australia, Singapore, Thailand has spectacular beaches but petty theft such as pick pocketing can occur - just be vigilant. Honestly, thinking about it - the list is endless. Anything specific you are interested in and i could try and assist more?