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    Hi ladies, just want to ask, are there any avid skiers out there.  It doesnt matter where you are. If you passionate about snow skiing , you are a woman I would like to meet.  I have been on snow since I was age 6, I ski raced all over the USA chasing the dream of making the US ski team. Too many injuries left me just a bit short of being the world class athelete it takes to make it.  But I took my shot so I am proud of that and will never regret any of the years of training and racing I did.  I still ski today, every weekend at Mount Snow Vermont , in So VT.  Its a great mtn , and I have a condo at the base of the ski resort.  If you are a skier and love winter please contact me.  I would love to meet you. My favorite resort , Vail Colorado.  So I will finish my story here with a hope a woman who loves to ski will contact me and who knows what will happen from there.  But if we can share the passion of skiing together, I am sure we will find many more things in common.  -  HTG1961  -  Thomas

    ps; Last run of the saeson - April 2010.

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    I skied since my birth, I feel :)
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    i love to ski...prefer colorado snow
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    Just joined the site so have no info on my profile yet, but just wanted to say how much i love skiing. Got back from a week in sweeden a few days ago and can't wait to go again again! :)