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    Hey there F4F! Baseball is great and hopefully we can lots of people talking about it. Spring training is going on, so... I love going to the ballpark with a cold beer in one hand and a hot dog in the other. Living in Atlanta, I usually see the Braves play, but have been to stadiums in other cities as well. I've visited the Yanks, Mets, Cubs (froze my A$$ off in August once), Giants (froze there too!), Dodgers and want to see more. What's everyones favorite ballpark?
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    Thanks katie...that explains it for me. Can those he named in his book sue him?
    The Flames had been on a losing streak for years, until last year. They were losing fans, season ticket holders. Last season again, they were initially losing and Darrel Sutter apparently told the team to start playing the games in sets of 7, as if they were in the playoffs...they began winning...went to the final playoffs against Tampa. They entire City rallied behind them...buying all kinds of paraphenalia...every second vehicle had one, two or more Flames flags. Season tickets were selling out again. Then this strike...the momentum for regaining the support of their fans has been lost. You're right...the NHL and the players in their greed will suffer long repercussions from this strike. For years, it has been more entertaining hockey to watch the league lower.
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    KWR -
    If you like pitching, can you be the pitcher on the fantasy team or do you have to play the position the coaches assign you to? Is it National League rules or American?
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    Hi sweet Lion,
    Do you guys miss the Spos? They are always talking about moving the Lynx out of Ottawa if attendance doesn't pick up but they brought it on themselves!!! When baseball shut down a few years back during the lockout, they lost a lot of fans ... tens of thousands! They're dreaming if they think fans are so stupid that they'll come back eventually! Many fans are stubborn and will boycott the sport they love, just to make a point. There's always TV where you can watch baseball without buying a ticket or a hotdog or a pennant. Everybody looses except the fan!

    That's why hockey, for the next ten years, will see a drought like they never imagined. They take the fans for hypnotized dupes who will be drawn to them like a magnet when they finally grow up and get back to the rink.... but that is a dangerous business fantasy. They're wrong. People will boycott and they'll lose more and more millions than they ever thought possible, because THEY are in a fantasy camp all their own.

    Hugs, mon ami
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    Hi Sharp Babe,

    Jose Canseco has just released a book describing his steroid use throughout his career and he named other names. Now the baseball commission is investigating the possiblility that MVP's and legends like Mark McGuire and Barry Bonds (who I believe has lost some of his brain cells lately) earned their high scores because they were chemically super-human and not because they were just good players.
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    I have a question...this morning on the radio I heard that the baseball industry had someone cleaning up to do with their image to gain public acceptance again after this recent scandal or scam. What was the scandal/scam that happened?
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    I played in three of these camps, in subsequent years. You do meet some wonderful people. From the 72 year old hockey player from Canada, to the 30 year old from SF, to the family that runs the Horse track in Minnesota, to the gentleman whom founded Toy's r Us. Its a blast, other than the busiest place becomes the trainer's area on Thursday. By then most of the war injuries show up. One year I brought out the radar machine, Blyeleven fined me for that, but wanted to know how hard everyone was throwing! Its a great party in the winter.
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    I have also participated in a fantasy camp. A fantastic vacation for anyone who ever wanted to play the game. Katie, fantasy camp is when a bunch of "Older" gentlemen, go to a spring training facility (mine was in FL) and play baseball for a week with other "Older" people. They are sponsored by Major League Baseball Teams and those teams, have retired players who also play baseball with you. It is a lot of fun and you meet so many great people from around the country.
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    Hey kwr! You big hunk!

    Tell me more about this Fantasy Camp you were at. What do you do there... lie on the field and look up at the sky and say, "I wish I were a Chicago Cub! I wish I could pitch like the Unit. I wish I could throw a fastball at Barry Bonds with a blindfold on. I wish I had arms like Canseco!"

    Does Kevin Costner visit your camp? How about James Earl Jones? When you're driving places and you pass a cornfield, do you stare at it really hard to see if anyone comes out?
    Wait! No that's from "Signs" isn't it? I don't know. I live on another planet.
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    1SG - talk about freezing at a basball game? You should come up and see an Ottawa Lynx game in April! Beside each base is an oil drum with a fire going just to keep the players warm between runs over the snowbanks!!!
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    Dont' forget about the Cubs! We are still waiting for next year. Big baseball fan here, I had the opportunity to play at a couple of Major League Fantasy camps. Bert Blyelven was my coach, and I hit off Fergie Jenkins.
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    BTW... nnnnnice picture, 1SouthernGentleman... I like it!!
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    I'm with you, Mandalay... were they EVER embarrassed last season... yeah!!!!!! I for one love the Red Sox... just because the Expos suck now, but I used to be a huge fan of them!
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    1Southern: I was in Atlanta that day and was offered to go to that game! Of course, I passed and missed out on the chance of a lifetime....story of my
  • View author's info Posted on Mar 16, 2005 at 08:41 PM

    My best memory of baseball was last year when I took my daughter to see Randy Johnson pitch against the Braves. We had seats about 10 rows back from the field, and Johnson pitched his perfect game that night. No runs, no hits, no errors, no walks. It was incredible and at the end of the game the Braves fans gave him a standing ovation. He even fouled off a ball that almost hit me in the face. It was a line drive and I was able to get my hands up just in time and almost caught it. It bounced off of my hands and ended up 2 rows behind me. Wish I had that ball!!
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    Hahaha! Mandalay...your bad!
  • View author's info Posted on Mar 15, 2005 at 04:03 AM

    Go Tribe! That was the greatest game EVER! I enjoyed it very much! Anytime a team can embarrass the Yankees it is a good day.
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    When I watch I enjoy baseball, not really a fan of any one team. BUT speaking of Yankees...last Aug. 31 I was in NYC and attended a Yankees game. I was witness to the WORST game in the Yankees history. Yankees vs. Indians ... Yankees lost 22-0. During this game another record was set in the history of baseball...previously only one other game could boast 6 runs in one this game the Indians scored 6 runs in 3 separate innings!!!
    I should have taken a picture of the scoreboard and sold it as a postcard to Indian fans!!! lol