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    What do I need to do if I don't have any money and job? How to handle stress?

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    I like LoriRita's post but the rest were either weird or heartless.

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    I went to the National Achievers Congress when it came to Denver, and the first speaker, I cannot recall his name, told his story of being 17 years old, homeless, and living in a card board box on the streets. One day a passerby gave him two books. One was Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. He said he read, and actually applied what he learned. Now he takes the stage with multi-millionaires. 

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    I also Reccomend to find few trips worth of light dosages of LSD and some good energetic Cannabis, 
    no alcohol at any cost as You want to become clear, then if possible look for aria where is  private nature, 
    or at minimum private clean, room, at best few close friends who are serious. Or alone in safe place. Away from trafic and large structures that can invoke confusion and paranoia. 

    First L then when middle of trip and needed, then C, clean.


    For the investment this would cost total less then 25 dollars, and if You meet some good hearted Hippies, for a good cause: to restart a life, them might share this for free. As technically this does not cost anyhting. 

    Just look that the doages would be ug 125 or below. Better jet just look in to "microdosing" provided links below. 
    Unless You need to make mayor breaktrought keep it small as long You have build Your life up, or You might be getting reality shock for new discoverys and "lose" Your connection to real world everything and making your ability to come out from hole even harder. 

    I did the mistake, in some way, taking to much before getting strong base and then the ideads that start to come in, are To large scale, that You can not do anything with them (unless You got ritch friends) as physical reality is so different and friends will depart from You becouse of Your changes of talking strange
    (people in some parts of world think You strange enought when You quit drinking, become honest and start to be interested of serving God in all levels)

    3 strong "trips" in a year, is considered a lot already. For microdosing another logic applyes. 

    Look the videos from this page:




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    Si, no tienes trabajo, debes tratar,  buscar uno,  ya que el dinero es indispensable para comprar, todo lo necesario,   para la vida, casa, comida, carro, vacaciones, ademas, debes saber, que si no produces,  dinero, ninguna, mujer se fijará en ti, o mucho, menos, en esta pagina, que la mayoria, de las mujeres buscan  dinero, salvo, unas cuantas

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    Brush yourself off and look for a job!!!!

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    Take it one day at time !!!!  I was homeless on the streets I suffer from depression I was ready check out ! I found Community Resources and support

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