would you give up everything for love? Romance

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    I don't know about anyone else, but I'm considering packing up and heading to the Philippines! ; )
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    Everything for love, that is a tough question. I would really need to know that person down to his "blood type" to do something like that. I am joking, but, I really would need to know someone before I made significant changes in my life. 

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    For women, probably.

    When a woman in love, she might only has 10 brain cells left;

    For men , forget about it ! 

    When a man in love, he always has more than 11 brain cells.

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    This is the Lord's doing, and it is marvelous in our eyes.

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    Why should I give up everything for love?
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    Magnumra write:
    It is really too simplistic a question. I think alot of people that have been successful in life are so because of the type of person they are and doing something that they love to do. So to give that up for "love" means giving up a part of yourself really. And if you truly "love" the person should that not mean unconditionally? ie: along with the luxurious life? Futhermore, is it possible to be in love when you are homeless, and searching for oyur next meal? Maybe. Then again maybe love is all that you can have then.
    But if God came down and asked me: Love or Money? I would choose love, (given I would be able to eat and find shelter I think! :-) )

    Well put...people forget...we all started out with's not like we came out of the womb...oh wait...maybe that's where the term silver spoon came not me...I am thankful for everything I have, but love is more can always rebuild together...I know I'm sappy. But I like me this way. But seriously, in a heart beat a fortune can be lost, but the love will remain. I could be just as happy living in a small cabin somewhere.
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    MasRogue write:
    I don't know about anyone else, but I'm considering packing up and heading to the Philippines! ; )

    I know what you mean...Costa Rica here Amigo! Sweet little sports fishing resort on the ocean down there...can't stop thinking about it. Hey! You can have a home base anywhere in this world.
    Happy Travels.
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    Yup...moving on stat...we've killed this one! lol
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    Concerning Brad, I second that, Dawn. Let's move on!
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    I agree with Minerva415! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Many models or actresses like down to earth men I would think. How odd for people to be bringing up fashion for Brad when many of the people giving advice to him have some kind of plain shirt or T-shirt on. Did he ask for advice to change his fashion style? I haven't read a word. What is wrong with a simple dresser? Please just leave Mr. Brad alone so he can find the one who deserves him. Focusing on our own pictures should be our own agenda. Trying to "help" someone that never directly asked for it is being a busy body. I say let us help our selves first.
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    Hmmm..... KatieGirl.. I do think you were a wee bit harsh in the beginning although you meant well! Saying Brad was not a troll was not really a compliment.... I personally think there is nothing wrong with Brad at all - pic is out of focus and maybe he could get smaller glasses but actually I think he's quite cute. I think men with mustaches are SEXY - don't shave it off Brad! I've seen countless men on these kind of sites who are truly weird-looking or downright ugly and they think they are God's gift to women... go figure. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder anyway... what's handsome to me is not handsome to the next woman....
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    well Brad you said it yourself in your post. Canging on one bad picture. Well is this a bad picture if it is then get a better picture. You are what you make of this an as i am seeing you are just making excuses. So girls and that includes you Katie(NLI) we need to let brad do what he feels good about and kill this subject. It is getting him nowhere and it is taking up space with no results. Moving on to the next debatable topic.???????
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    Hey Brad, katie wrote a really nice apology to you under a different forum topic. I'd like to tell you where I read it, but there are so many, I can't find it now. You should read it. katie...maybe you remember which forum topic you wrote it under and can direct him there. You should do that...I think he'd like reading it.
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    I do bellieve Brad didn't ask for any advice on his picture. Now it seems everyone is giving him advice on how to improve himself. If we were all perfect we still wouldn't be in the right to judge his picture. It is amazing that people think thier pictures are so great, therefore, they can give unwarranted advice. Brad was just saying he was looking for a model or actress. He is who he is and wants what he wants. If he gets it, great, if not, then I am sure he will find someone for who he is.
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    Good form katie. I thought after because of your great sense of humour two lines might not have struck you as being a little came thru shining! I enjoy reading your posts...keep up the great wit!
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    I agree with lastone instock, Why should I have to look like everyone else with bald heads and gotees if that is still popular. Its so hard to keep up the fashion scene. Also I dont knoiw how you can judge someone on one bad picture.
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    Brad, you seemed so disheartened in the post that I was responding to:

    "sorry I'm just not the best looking guy and that is one of the problems i have finding love."

    And I meant it, Brad. You're not a TROLL! You're not even "not the best looking guy." If you aren't getting many dates, it's not the end for you! Change some things that will make you think you're not a bad looking dude at all! That's all I mean.
    You're a great guy. You deserve your dream girl. Will you be happy just "settling" for a "regular" girl? Do what will make you most happy. I'm sorry if I came across as too harsh. I meant it as encouragement but text is not the best way to express feelings.
    Go for the castles in the air! They're doable!
    Stay cool.
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    Brad, I would take Katie's advice to heart. I don't think it was meant maliciously. And in fact you have posted on several other forums that you are indeed looking or a model or actress. At least get a picture that isn't so dark and out of focus. But you can make improvements which really are still you ,buddy. If you make the changes she suggests it will still be you. Go for it.
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    I agree Lastone, Two months at the gym could turn him into the typical muscle bound guy with no brains who could never have anything of substance to offer a model or actress. After all, you have a beauty like sharp1 who came to your defense. Stay the way you are! That makes three of us who feel that way.
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    Hey Petite.if Brad ditched the mustache, the glasses, and the t-shirt, he wouldn't be Brad! He'd be the typical super stud with the typical luke warm, stuffy haircut, hairless above the lip, and that fake, blinding smile that causes an increase in sales for sun glasses.